The Whole Truth About My Summer Break


My teaching license *did* expire in July, so I needed to take a class at the last minute.
Cee *is* doing better, so we *did* try to really enjoy the summer.


But that’s not the whole truth behind my months-long summer break.

From the day we found out we were expecting (this *is* an announcement), I was overcome with the need to sleep 20 hours a day.  (Okay, so that’s an exaggeration, but not by much.)  To keep up with school and clean underwear, something had to give.

That something was my only hobby and outlet.  Sigh.  There were so many funny things that happened, so many great library books we read, so many readings from Mass that kicked me in the pants.

Babyness took precedence over blogging.

Babyness took precedence over clean bathrooms and varied meal plans.  The kids have eaten a lot of scrambled eggs and sandwiches (shout out to Aldi’s sprouted whole grain bread!  Woot!).  The kids didn’t seem to notice or mind, even before they knew why our life shifted a little.
From the day we brought Bea home from the hospital, the kids have been asking about “the next baby.”  Although I was overwhelmed at the time, slowly our life stabilized, and we were able to see the place for the next baby.  Especially since the kids haven’t given up their pushing and asking these past two years.

To announce the news to the kids, we taped an ultrasound picture next to the other kid pictures in the hallway.

David and I giggled and tried to act cool, wondering how long it would take the kids to notice.

Less than ten minutes.  It took less than ten minutes before Cee came up to where I was sitting on the couch.

“Do you have something you need to tell us?” she asked seriously.
“No…I don’t think so.” I said nonchalantly.  “Maybe you should ask your dad?”

She found David in the kitchen and repeated her question.

“I don’t understand.  What do you mean?” he asked oh-so-innocently.
“Come with me,” Cee instructed, leading him into the hallway.  “Do you have something you need to tell us?”

David kept up his act.  “What would we need to tell you?”

“ARE WE HAVING ANOTHER BABY?!?!” she demanded.

Cheering and general merriment commenced.  And hasn’t let up.

There you go.  The whole truth.

It does feel odd to announce baby#5 to the internets, because I’ve pushed all the announcing off on David pretty much so far.  But more on that tomorrow…


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    Oh congratulations, Alicia! Now you *totally* have to do that road trip in December, because you could be like the BVM, pregnant and travelling… And with the fires we’ve had (are having) when you get to us, there will most likely be no room at the inn! 😉

    Oh dear. Is that a bad joke, too soon? Well then let me just get back to saying congratulations! Loved your announcement and look forward to hearing about Joy#5 🙂

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      Haha! Now we just need to get a donkey…

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    CONGRATS TO YOU. babies are the best. How exciting!!!! I hope you follow up with due date

    1. // Reply

      Thanks! April-ish is when we’re due. 🙂

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    Whaaa?? How did I not see this coming?! CONGRATS!! Babies are definitely a great reason to stop blogging 😁 Hope you’re feeling better!!

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    Awww!! I may have totally squealed when I read this!!


    I am so very, very excited for you. I will add you to my list of prayers for a smooth pregnancy, delivery, and transition from a family of six to seven!

    Such beautiful, joyous news! Big, big hugs to you!!!!

    1. // Reply

      Your prayers are much appreciated!

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    What wonderful news! Congratulations! I just had this feeling I might be hearing something like this from your direction….😊
    A fun way to let your other sweet babes discover the news! Can’t wait to hear more!!!

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    Congratulations! I remember I couldn’t do any nighttime reading to my kids for the whole first trimester last time.

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    Congratulations, Alicia!! Hope you’re feeling better. 🙂

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