Hair Trouble

As someone who dabbles in direct sales with Norwex and Usborne (thanks for checking out my shopping links!), I appreciate the work that others put into their small businesses.  When Mandi from A Blog About Miscarriage offered some Lilla Rose haircessories in exchange for an honest review, I was excited to give them a try.


You see, I have hair issues.  I used to have fairly consistently curly hair.  All it took was a little mousse, and my hair was pretty okay to go.

Then I had kids.  My hair hasn’t been the same since.  My curls transformed to meh-waves, and if I use any styling product to coax out some curl, my hair just looks…dirty.  Straight looks derpy, curly doesn’t work.  Plus, I have to part my hair just so since my hair hasn’t grown back in several spots since my surgery in February.  It’s a battle.

For my sister’s wedding, I had my hair professionally done.  All it took was 20 minutes of curling and half a bottle of hairspray to get the look I used to have with no effort at all.  Sigh.  I miss the good old days.

To compensate for what is sort of an impossible hair situation, I’ve been wearing the same pair of gold barrettes for years.  Well, they started as gold.  Now they look antique-y.  I pretend like it’s intentional.  Mostly I just want a way to keep my frizzy meh-wavy hair out of my face that’s not complicated.

I wanted to get a picture of my go-to barrettes for this post, but I couldn’t find them.  I searched frantically all over my bathroom and the kitchen.  The last time they were lost, I found them in the basement under an end table.  I think the kids were using them as buried treasure.  As I was about to go downstairs to hunt for treasure, I realized I was wearing them.  They were in my hair the whole time.  Oops.  Here they are:


Mandi offered an upgrade to my old goldies.



Flowers are really having a moment in fashion right now, and I’m taking every opportunity to stock up before everything floral is relegated back to grandma’s closest where it’s been forced to hide until just recently.


These Cooper Rose Bobbies are currently out of stock, but there are many other equally lovely Bobbies still available.


This spring when David won a cruise and invited me along, I packed these, knowing they would be an easy way to jazz up my ensemble.  (Yeah…I haven’t really mentioned the cruise because we went right from the cruise to gearing up for the big medical adventure in Cincinnati.  Hope to write more about it later this month!)




Since we were on the cruise without kids (!!!), I actually used a curling iron and topped off my look with the Copper Rose Bobbies.  They were perfect for one of the more formal dinners on the ship.  (I learned that you cannot under any circumstances call it a boat.  It is a ship.  Lesson learned.)  Although my curls didn’t last very long, David did get a picture before they drooped away.

(Unfortunately the photo quality was not the best, but you get the idea.  David and I should really take a couples photography class.)



But wait…there’s more!  I was also able to try a Lilla Rose Hair Clip.  Pretty much Hair Clips are just a figure eight decorative piece with an attached stick.  Seeing pictures of ladies with long, flowing locks using large ones for easy, but elegant updos made me certain that they wouldn’t work for my short hair.  Turns out, there’s a wide range of sizes, so I didn’t have to miss out.


The Tree of Life Mini Hair Clip is perfect for pulling my hair back and out of my face.


Now that I’ve looked around a little more, there are other styles I’d like to try.

Wouldn’t Hues of Blues be adorable for my girls?  Since it’s adjustable, I could even borrow it!


The cheery colors on Freestyle & Silver would match almost everything in my closet.


But my favorite, favoritest items in the shop are these Rose Bobbies.  Aren’t they the sweetest?!?!

While none of these products can give me back my curly hair, they do help me feel more put together than my old goldies, which I obviously still wear around the house.


If I had to come up with a tagline for Lilla Rose, it would be “Fancy enough for a special occasion, but affordable enough for everyday.”  Because there’s such a wide range of styles and sizes, Mandi really does have something for everyone.  She was great about helping me figure out exactly which product would help my specific set of problems.  Although I received the Bobbies and Hair Clip for free from Mandi, a Lilla Rose Independent Consultant, all thoughts and opinions are my own.


Have you tried Lilla Rose before?  Check out Mandi’s shop and her VIP Facebook page for style ideas and sales.  What’s on your wishlist?




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    I love Lilla Rose! Mandi is my consultant, too.
    I understand the curly hair problems. Long gone are my pretty curls. Now half of my head wants to wave, and the other half just wants to frizz. It is frustrating.

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      Thanks for letting me know I’m not alone in the mom hair battle!

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