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Last year I committed to the Write 31 Days movement, and this year I want to try it again.  Although I didn’t manage to write for 31 Days in 2016, I did write much more consistently.  Last year I chose the theme of “Happiness.”  (Here is a list of all the Happiness posts, in case you missed them.  Or you’re bored because you’re already caught up on This Is Us.)  Right after I decided to write for a whole month about being happy, my grandmother passed away and Cee started an epic flare.  It was a flare that lasted through April and resulted in her losing all the cartilage in her hips.

Not so happy.

So.  I’m not saying I jinxed my life with my topic choice, but I think I jinxed my life with my topic choice.  There were an awful lot of tears shed for a “happy” month.

Cee has been able to move much better since April, and we had a nice summer not spent thinking about hip replacements.  I took a break from writing due to Being Bad With Time Management.

I used to be punctual, consistently finish projects before due dates, and never have either food or coupons expire.  I used to be on top of everything.  It is not so, now.  Now my life is the opposite of all those things.

Which leads to this summer.  I knew that my teaching license would expire in July, but I didn’t make the time for my last bit of continuing education this spring.  Then July came and went.  Oops.  Fortunately I had until the end of September as a “grace period” to earn three credits and reapply.  (Thanks, Learner’s Edge for offering self-paced online classes!)  That meant I actually had to do three credits worth of work on top of regular life, which I am not that great at anyway.

But my license is updated, the school year has started, and now I’m back to being able to write!


Rather than pick a theme for the month like people who are organized, I’m just going to try to brain dump all the things I wanted to write about but couldn’t this summer.  If you’re still here after the loooooong break, thanks!  It’s lovely to write and be read.


One of the bits I’ve missed about blogging is participating in My Sunday Best.  Knowing I’m going to write about what happened at Mass makes me more accountable to listen and be present, and I look forward to that accountability again.  Since this post has already gotten a little random and rambley, I’ll save my kid antics (someone couldn’t keep from pew licking this week) and takeaway thoughts (gotta actually live out the faith) for next time.

Here’s my Sunday best in my Sunday real corner.  (You should see the rest of the room.)

Hope to see you back tomorrow!









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    Yay!! I am THRILLED you are back, and look forward to reading along this month!!

    Also, kudos to you for making sure to get that teaching certification renewed. It’s always a great thing to have that headache out of the way for some time.

    And, have I ever mentioned – your smile is absolutely contagious!!

    See you tomorrow… 🙂

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    Welcome back! I think many parents learn that iron-clad schedules and kids don’t mix. That’s most likely a good thing: keeps us from getting stuck in a rut, for starters. 🙂

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    Yay! For Write 31 Days! I’ve missed your posts, but your summer sounds super busy! I hope the school year is going well.

    Lovely to see you in your Sunday finery again!

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    Yay!!! You’re back!! So great to see this post from you, and theme or no theme, I look forward to reading your thoughts.
    Way to knock out that CE class! My teaching credential was also up for renewal this summer, but (you know, state of education in CA and all) all I had to do was pay the state some money and Bam! Highly qualified and credentialed I remain. (SMH) I hope your class felt worth your time/energy?
    Read you tomorrow!

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      Really?!?! That’s interesting. I expected CA would have much more stringent regulations. My class *was* interesting…and like the others I’ve taken from Learner’s Edge, it didn’t just involve a lot of busy work. Definitely recommend to people in states that require more than just $$$ to renew. 😉

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    Way to go on completing the requirements to renew your teaching license. I can imagine how relieved you are to have that out of the way!
    I am so glad that you are back! I’m looking forward to reading your posts. I love reading brain dump posts. I plan to blog more this month, as well. I am thinking of calling it “Blog Like it’s 2011.” My goal is to write eight posts this month (my average in 2011).
    Here’s to October and writing more! 🙂

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      What a hoot! Eight seems like a reasonable goal. 🙂

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    My teaching license expires next summer but I don’t think I’m going to try to renew it… Not worth the time here! So glad you’re writing again ???

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