MSB 37: Just Take Me Now

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This is a picture of happier times.  Miss Udele is almost 1 now, and has somehow managed to increase in cuteness!  Since after Mass today I was le tired and le haggard, this recycled picture of the same outfit will have to do.

If I had been able to really pray from my heart today at Mass, the only words I could have mustered would have probably been, “Lord, please just take me now.”  Sometimes unanswered prayers are really for our own good.

I can’t even go into all the details of Bea poking the man in front of us in the bottom or Moe laying under our pew and loudly kicking upward.  It got so bad that I actually left Mass after Communion and sat in the car with them until David came out with the others after Mass actually ended.  Suffice to say, there were no donuts today.  I love my kids.  I love my church.  I do not always love taking my kids to church.

Let’s change the topic before I give myself more gray hairs just thinking about Moe and Bea fighting over their favorite picture Bible.

Picture of Bible Stories with CD (CV)



(The pictures!  The simple text!  Too bad that the kids argue over it at church.  Maybe I should just buy more copies.  The link is to my Usborne shop, in case you’re in the market for books.)









I actually also wore this outfit sans sweater yesterday to a wedding, too, but since we were only in our fancy clothes for a couple hours, we all just recycled our wedding looks for Mass today.  I doubt anyone noticed or cared that we were all in the same duds as the day before, but I don’t mind, even if they did.  Anything to minimize the Insurmountable Pile of Dirty Laundry.

Plus, although there are people who like fresh looks for every big event in life, I am content to re-wear a handful of outfits until they die.  This summer I rotated 5 Lularoe Carlys every single day.  Maybe everyone else got sick of them, but I spent exactly 0 minutes figuring out what to wear.  Then on Sundays, I had my trusty handful of fit and flares from Lands’ End and two Lularoe Amelias from which to choose.  Perfect.


Now that I have edited my closet to only pieces I wear and enjoy, I am much more selective about adding to it.  It’s funny that by giving away anything that wasn’t “me,” I’ve ended up spending less money and less time getting dressed.  Double win!  I took the textbook-only version of Hilary’s Style and Styleability course (worth the splurge for the peace it’s given me!), and although I’m hardly stylish in terms of what’s actually fashionable, I have figured out what I like.


Talking about clothes helped me recover from a Mass that was almost at the same level as The Great Pew Slither.  Thanks for reading along, and visit Rosie for more My Sunday Best!



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    O my goodness! We were right there with you! My kids were all over the place today too! It was a crazy and I was so glad when we Sang the final song! My parish priest said he is very tolerant of children and their noises, we definitely put his patience to the test today! Our priest is awesome!

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      Our priest has also expressed his tolerance of kid noise. What a blessing!

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    Mass is amazing I hear, I may attend sometime. Instead today, I played “no you can’t expose me nursing your sister” with my 2 year old. Good times!

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    Take heart, Mama. You are in the trenches now. I was there once and when things were crazy and one (or all!) of my boys was going through a trying phase, my mother-in-law would always say, “This too shall pass.” And it does. Much too quickly! And then you have these perfectly lovely grown-up children. 🙂

    I love your green sweater and green TIGHTS! I need those. Where did you find them?

    Simplifying sounds like a good idea. I know I own too many clothes. It would probably make getting dressed a lot easier if there was less to choose from–and only things that I really like (and that fit the way I want them to).

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      I hope I end up with perfectly lovely grown-up children. With the crazy things they think up, sometimes I wonder… But if we get there eventually, it will all be worth it. 🙂

      My leggings are Lularoe!

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    A friend’s little boys got away from her while she was dealing with her new baby yesterday – aaaaaall the way to the front of the church stomp stomp stomping, ACROSS the front of the church, and back around. It. Was. Hilarious. But obviously mortifying for the parents! Luckily it was the Latin Mass, so Father was facing the altar!

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      Another compelling reason to go with the Latin Mass… 🙂

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    🙂 Kids can be at least as effective as hair shirts – and, I think, a great deal more rewarding.

    Your experience reminds me of the song that included “for now, I’ll just settle for ‘survivor.'” Thanks for sharing.

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