SQT: A Television from Heaven and the Best “B” Word Ever


Seven Quick Takes

1.  An Addition to ERA Preschool

I’ve posted before that Moe’s only school goal for the year is to avoid the emergency room.  Aside from that, anything goes.  But this week he started asking to do school “with paper” like the older girls.  So we started.  I don’t really care if he’s retaining anything at this point, it’s just keeping him busy.

These preschool printables by SaongJai are adorable!  The pack covers all the basics– numbers, letters, colors, shapes–but also includes coloring pages and awards. (The St. Nicholas Award for Sharing?  The Blessed Seelos Award for Working Hard and Cheerfully?  Could they be any cuter?!?!)

This is not a curriculum.  There aren’t a bunch of complicated lesson plans to try to follow.  That’s what makes these printables perfect for our “school” with Moe.  I don’t have to do any planning, just give him a worksheet.  And because it’s a pdf and not an actual workbook, we can cycle through it over and over until he gets it.


2.  A Television from Heaven (or the neighbors)

Moe pushed the power button on our TV until it finally gave up back in December.  Our neighbors offered us their old TV this week when they upgraded.  It’s enormous and from 2007.  That’s at least 10 years newer than our last one.

I’m afraid to ask the kids outright if they’ve been praying for a TV all this time.  If the answer was “yes,” would it mean that they are internalizing the importance of prayer?  That they feel comfortable talking to God about all their worries, joys, and needs?  Or would it just mean that they love TV more than just about anything else in life and were two days away from playing the recorder on a street corner to earn enough to buy one themselves?  Better not to ask.  You should have seen their eyes light up when we carried it in.


3.  St. Valentine’s Day

I spent Thursday evening Valentine-ing it up.  Our Friday co-op is exchanging Valentines today.  This is what our family came up with:  stamps on a business envelope with a little dove puzzle.

The kids are super-duper excited for all the treasures they will receive.


4.  Gift that Keeps on Giving

Speaking of St. Valentine’s Day, if you don’t have anything for your special someone yet, check out the couple’s massage course Melt.  You can read more about our experience with it.  You’re welcome. 🙂



5.  Jimmy John’s Gold Star Distraction

We had a trip to Mayo this week to visit Cee’s rheumatologist.  We went up-and-back in a single day with the whole family.

We drove for 3 1/2 hours to get there.  Then we sat in the waiting room.  Next we sat in the tiny exam room (all six of us) to wait.  Then the nurse came in to chat.  After that some random rheumatologist-in-training came in to chat.  You can imagine how the kids gradually lost the ability to sit still and be quiet, well before we got to the main event.

That’s exactly what we expected, though.  We stopped at Jimmy John’s on the way to pick up a couple day-old loaves exactly for that purpose.  (You can pick them up for about 50 cents apiece, FYI.)  We rarely eat bread, let alone white bread, so the kids see day-olds in the same way as normal kids see ice cream cake.

After the parade of not-the-actual-guy-s, the rheumatologist came in.  I took out enormous chunks of plain stale bread for the three youngest.  The stale part is actually key; chomping through it requires lots of effort and takes much time.

As crumbs flew everywhere, I apologetically explained that since we were the last appointment of the day we had assumed the mess wouldn’t be a problem.  The doctor didn’t mind, especially since that meant the appointment was almost silent except for the crunching and barbaric bread tearing.  The only problem occurred toward the end when Elle and Moe finished their hunks and began the scheme of trying to convince the baby to share.   Failing that, they attempted the scheme of sneaking bits. Overall, Jimmy John’s gets a gold star for its power of distraction.

We survived but will make another trip up next week for additional evaluation for Cee.  Hopefully we’ll have some answers and a plan after next week.


6.  The Best “B” Word Ever!

I had some lumps removed from my head on the 31st, and the pathology came back benign!  “Benign” really is the best “B” word ever.  My stitches come out on St. Valentine’s Day, and I’m looking forward to it.  When I touch the top of my head, the pokiness of the stitches skeeve me out.

I didn’t realize how much I liked my face until I looked like a pale Klingon after surgery.  I actually messaged the nurse to ask if the swelling was normal, because I was scaring my own children.  Apparently it was to be expected, and now I’m back to my old face.  Turns out my old face isn’t so bad.


7.  Piles of Piles of Piles

With all the appointments and recovery, I am drowning.  Not quite literally, but almost.  So if I have some obligation that I’ve over-looked, please remind me.  Mail, laundry, everything is piling up.  My piles have piles.  But, after taking some time to type-ity, type, type, at least I feel better about it all.  And that’s worth a lot.




There’s seven quickish takes for the week.  Check out This Ain’t the Lyceum for more!




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    I love that story about stale bread. That is delightful!

    I’m so glad the lumps were benign!

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