The House Sitchiation


“So have you moved yet?”

“Are you all packed up?”

“How do you feel about the big move?”

No, no, and I’m not sure.

To recap, we found the holy grail of a handicap accessible home that had more than two bedrooms and was mostly in our price range.  So we sold our house this spring and began the arduous task of waiting until this winter to actually move.  We’re trying to extricate ourselves from the emotional baggage of this house while still living here.

The new owners take possession of our house December 1st.  We take possession of our new house January 2nd.

I know.  That math doesn’t quiiiiite add up.  We’re not sure what we’re doing for December yet.  My hope is that a house or apartment becomes available that someone is willing to rent out for a monthish.  But we’ll see.

On the one hand it seems like gobs of time until December.  On the other hand, we still have a lot of stuff in here.  Several people have asked if we need boxes.  Like a derp-de-derp I’ve said no because it’s so long before we move.  But yes.  Turns out we do need boxes.  Like yesterday.

We packed up almost all our toys when we started to show the house this spring.  The Duplos, wooden blocks, play food, and a few odds and ends are all that remain.  I’ve seen several articles about how fewer toys leads to greater creativity in kids.  The buzzword is “boredom.”  It’s great for kids to be bored.  It sparks brain development and problem solving and super powers.

Let me tell you– that is true.  My kids’ creativity has gone through the roof since losing some of their toys.  This includes cutting holes in the couch, tying a rolling pin to a string and swinging it around, and painting the deck with mud.  So.  Creative.  Maybe we should just go get some of the toys out of the bowels of our storage unit and then use those tubs for dishes or something.  I’m not sure how much more “creativity” and “boredom” and “brain development” I can handle.

Unfortunately, the more on top of packing and storing our stuff I am, the weirder the house gets for the kids.  Currently our basement is just two couches, a tiny TV/DVD combo on an end table, and Moe’s pirate costume.  Weird.  No wonder they’ve resorted to tearing paper into tiny bits and strewing it everywhere.  Suggestions on how to survive the next couple months are appreciated.  So are hot tips on places that could accommodate two adults and four “creative” kids for a month.

See you tomorrow!

Day 1:  I’m baaaaaack!
Day 2:  The House Sitchiation


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    I like your decision to see what the kids are doing as creativity. 🙂

    I think you’re right: and am very glad I am not dealing with your situation.

    Congratulations on finding a suitable house. That sounds like a major accomplishment. And best wishes on the next several months.

    Advice? I have no clue. Apart from an opinion that’s free, and may be worth every cent: a few years from now, looking back on this will be much easier than looking forward now. More fun, too, likely enough.

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    As a family also contemplating a move, I’ve been looking forward to all the boredom and creativity that will occur when we pack up our toys. Uh-oh!

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    I know! I know! Go on a massive road-trip a la “Haley from Carrots for Michaelmas” style! It’s great that it will be Advent at the time so just tell the kids that you are pretending to be Mary and Joseph on their way to Bethlehem – or that you’re the Israelites on the way to the promised land. Totally biblical and what. an. adventure! I’m sure that won’t mess with your sanity at all. 😀

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      That would be sweet! Unfortunately (or fortunately?!) pretty much everyone we know in real life lives within a 4 hour radius. That would make for a very limited cross country trip. 🙂

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    Lol! Love your observations of “creativity” and boredom. When I packed up most of our toys, it meant they whined more for TV and I forced them to stay outside longer. ?

    Prayers for packing! No advice here: I seriously failed at it this spring and ended up dumping stuff into boxes at the last minute. Yikes! So I guess my advice is don’t do that…

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      Haha! Thanks! I have a feeling if I procrastinate much longer, that’s exactly what will end up happening. 🙂

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    Oh my, Alicia, the kids really did get creative! Praying you get boxes and find your December home soon.

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