Do You Norwex? + Giveaway

This is a little unusual.  I usually write about books.  Or the funny things my kids do.  Or my lack of housekeeping skills.  Or Cee’s health. Hey!  This sort of relates to my poor housekeeping skills!  I’m busy keeping four kids alive, so I can’t be bothered to scrub anything other than kids’ faces every […]

Library Love {5}

  Treasures From Our Checkout Pile Cee’s pain has been all over the map this past week or so, and our library finds fill in the gaps to keep us entertained and still learning.     Have you seen these Scholastic DVDs?  Our library has many of them.  They take books, add in the slightest […]

Happiness {14}:  Rainbow Moments

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  Today we had plans with some dear friends, and while we went back and forth about whether to cancel based on life yesterday, ultimately we decided to go.  Some events are not flare-appropriate, others are.  If Cee is laying on the couch at home, she could lay on the couch somewhere else, after all. We […]

Happiness {13}: On Rollerskates and Wheelchairs


  Participants in “Write 31 Days” pledge to write for 30 minutes on a single topic every day in October.  My topic?  Happiness.   After a talk between Cee, David, and myself, today we decided to get Cee’s wheelchair out of its cobwebby corner in the garage. Cee’s pain has been slowly crescendo-ing. First the limp was a […]

Immunosuppressants: A Voter's Guide


or Be Careful What You Wish For   Sorry, America. I remember wishing people would understand how difficult it is to parent a child who needs terrifying treatments to survive…   Imagine yourself in this situation:  Your young daughter has a chronic illness and is in a lot of pain.  It’s time for a medication shift. […]

SQT {16}: Bathroom Discoveries of the Week


Our bathrooms often make an appearance in my quick takes.  You can read more about crimes against soap and how much I dislike liquid handsoap if you missed them.  But these seven quick takes cover the unusual items that have called the bathroom home this week.   Master Bath Find 1: Painted Pumpkins The only […]

JEI {8}: Lacey the Wonderdog

Welcome to the weekly link up, Just Enough Info (JEI).  The internets can be a great source of community, and I’d love to get to know you better!  Feel free to share your answers in the comments or link up if you have a blog. Pets 1. Did you have a favorite pet when you were younger? […]

Library Love {4}: Cooking Books

Linking up with a gentle mother to share the best of our library pile this week. Treasures from our Checkout Pile…Plus! My kids love to help in the kitchen.  They like learning about ingredients, they like watching a dish develop, and they like tasting things.  Don’t get me started on how much they like to […]

Happiness {12}:  More Than Surviving

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Participants in “Write 31 Days” pledge to write for 30 minutes on a single topic every day in October.  My topic?  Happiness.   Right about the time I started blogging, I realized that we were in sort of a happiness hole.  Being in survival mode for so long hadn’t been good for anyone in our family. […]

SQT {15} : Turnips and Other Heavy Stuff

It’s seven quick take time! -1- Turnips   A couple days ago, David harvested everything from the garden.  Can you see the enormous turnips in the wagon?!?! Yesterday I conquered them.  I think we got the seeds for free, which is the only explanation why anyone would plant turnips.  Unless it’s the zombie apocalypse, ain’t […]