Dia & Co. Review: May 2016

I have recently started focusing on being a better mother and wife by being becoming the best version of myself.  For me, that has included the step of developing my sense of style and actually purchasing clothing that reflects that.

I’ve talked about my feelings toward fashion and shopping and how that led me to Dia & Co., a style box service for women size 14 and up.  Here’s the scoop on how the whole experience has played out for me.


Just filling out the questionnaire was enjoyable.  The first step was entering in my basics (dress size, bra size, body type, height, top size, bottom size).  The next came fit questions about what areas of skin are okay to show, and then a place to write about any unique fit issues.sunny flower

The style component was the most fun!  It was a place to narrow down my personal style and identify colors and prints to avoid.  For example, I’m not really a fan of the neon trend, and animal prints aren’t really me.  There was a place to share pinterest, facebook, and instagram links for the stylist to get a better sense of who I am.

The last step was to indicate the price and type of items I was looking for in my box.  I was able to check what kind of accessories, pants, skirts, dresses, tops, and outerwear I prefer.  Since I’m starting a wardrobe from scratch, I opted not to receive any outerwear, dresses, or accessories.

Here is the comment I left in the “Is there anything else that you want to tell us?” box:

I like Land’s End.  I like floral, feminine, and lace tops.  My everyday outfit is a pair of grey capris and black t-shirts.  I’d like to jazz it up and have something I can wear out of the house.

I live where it’s hot, hot during the summer and cold, cold during the winter.  I’m looking for washable pieces that can I can wear this summer.  More than accessories, I’m looking for shirts and bottoms.  I want to build my wardrobe after spending the last 7 years either pregnant or nursing.

I’m ready to stop looking like I stepped out of the Blair catalog and more like a fun, young mom!

I gave my credit card info for the $20 styling fee, hoping that there would be an item in the box I liked so I could apply that styling fee towards its cost.  Then the waiting began.  I ordered my box May 6th, and it arrived May 21st.  I don’t think that’s an unreasonable amount of time to wait, but I felt like a kid at Christmas time.

Examining the Box

My heart skipped a beat when I saw that my box had arrived.  Shopping is such a negative experience for me; my excitement was mixed with worry that it was all a waste of $20.  That I was silly to even try to be happy in my skin.  Boy was I wrong.  Here’s what I found after I tore into the box using my post office key:

Dia Package!


Doesn’t this look pretty?
I’m at the point in life where I rarely receive gifts, so the extra touch of wrapping the clothes in tissue paper was special.





Dia Note

The note the stylist sent isn’t easy to read from the pic, but it’s mostly just suggestions on how to style each item.

The first box is to fine-tune style and size.  It possible to return a garment and get another size instead.




1. Kimono by Emerald

Sunny Kimono


This was exactly the sort of thing I was looking for!

I left all the baby toys in the picture because I was too lazy move them wanted to have a size context.

The print is so pretty and feminine.  It is light for the summer but covers my arms.  It was a tiny bit snug on the top of my arms/armpits, but I don’t think sizing up would make a difference.  I knew I would be keeping this beautiful piece!  And I was giddy to see what was next.  The styling suggestion was denim, white t-shirt, and sandals.


2. Zenobia Kaylee Blouse

Kaylee Blouse


I’m not a huge fan of geometric prints, but this wasn’t too crazy.  I like coral, but not orange.  It was too tight to get on comfortably.  I did like the light fabric as well as the sleeves’ button detail.


I don’t really have anything to wear under something like this, though.  This was a return.


3. Fashion to Figure Pippa Top

Pippa Top


I liked the lace detailing, and the bold blue was great with my skin color.  But the sleeves sort of accentuated my arms.  It was borderline snug around my midsection, but with the right bottom it might have worked.  Back it went.

Pippa Detail

4. Modamix Mable Skirt

Mable Skirt



It was a little short for what I would wear.
I’m sensitive about my mommy tummy, and this skirt emphasized my widest area.
No dice.





5. Celebrity Pink – Storm Skinny Jeans

Storm Skinny Jeans


I have never tried skinny jeans.  I don’t remember the last time I bought jeans.
The jeans I have right now came in a magical bag of cast off clothes a family friend gave me.
At any rate, I have to have just the right top to cover my tummy situation, but these felt sooooooooo comfortable.  I kept these as well.
Before signing up, I read several other reviews.  I enjoyed seeing what everyone else received!  But it made me nervous.  Some of the items other women received were definitely Not Me.  (I don’t have anywhere to wear a black motorcycle jacket with buckles or a body con dress.)  That’s the beauty of the Dia & Co. box – – it was geared toward me and my exact preferences!


Returners and Keepers

After my happy-try-on party, online I rated the color, pattern, and fit of each garment and marked which ones I would be sending back.  Then I packed them up in the included postage paid envelope/bag.  There’s no shipping for the box, returns, or resizes!  My credit card will be charged for the kimono and skinny jeans, and my $20 styling fee will be taken off that total.  There is a 20% discount as well if you decide to keep the whole box.  All that information is contained on invoice along with the price breakdown of each item.


  • The items were all in the price range I had specified.
  • I had asked for tops and bottoms, which was exactly what I received.
  • The items all fit within the style preferences I had listed.
  • These items are more expensive than what I usually by off the clearance rack, but those usually don’t work anyway.
  • There were pieces I never would have picked off the rack myself, even if I had seen them in the store.
  • It was so nice to try everything on in the comfort of my own home in the context of my other clothes.
  • This is NOT a subscription service.  After my box I was asked when I wanted the next box, and it was an option to not ever receive one again, to set up one for the future, or get another right away.
This is a great way for me to build my closet, and I plan to try it again.

Note:  I paid for my box myself, and this review is completely honest.  But—if you sign up for Dia & Co. using the links on this page, I do receive credit toward another purchase.  This is a big luxury for me, so thanks!  If you do choose to try it, I’d love to hear about it.  🙂


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    What fun! Really tempting! Does anyone do this for young boys? I’ve about had it for trying to piece together stuff for my boys…not to mention finding boy shoes…

    1. // Reply

      Ah! For kids I like the Hefty-Haute service. Bag up what you don’t need in a big ole trash bag and pass it on to another family. With Hefty-Haute (or its cousin company DiaperBox Delights), it can be hard to get matched up. I’d love to subscribe to a 10 year-old girl’s castoffs through DiaperBox Delights. I’ve thought about starting such a thing on the homeschool forum, but didn’t know if it would be tacky. Or allowed.

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    Sounds like a really great service- especially how it specifically caters to each person, like how often you’d like a box! I haven’t yet tried any of the clothing box companies but I have to admit I really like reading reviews of them on mysubscriptionaddiction.com. 🙂

    1. // Reply

      Me too! I like the idea of subscription boxes, but they’re not really in our budget. The next best thing is reading about others’ experiences. 🙂

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