Dia & Co. July 2016: Another Shot

Dia 3


I did it.

I stewed for a long time, then I presented my constructive criticism to Dia & Co, a plus size styling service, after a less-than-stellar box.

You can read all about my negative experience last month, but the gist is that the box didn’t seem like it was for me at all.  This was different from my first box, which I enjoyed immensely.

After going back and forth whether or not to voice my concerns, it seemed the easiest way to get in touch with customer service was to do the “online chatting” available on their main page.  It says right on the site when an agent is or is not available, so I chose a time when chat was available.

I laid out my concerns – primarily that nothing in the box seemed appropriate for me based my feedback.

The customer service agent took some time to look over my feedback, then apologized.  She offered to give me credit to try their service once more as well as to refund my previous styling fee.  She said she could even assign a “senior stylist” to work on my next box.

That seemed more than fair, so I agreed to try another box.  I asked again for dress pants to replace my old, trusty ones and tops to wear with my new skinny jeans.  My box didn’t take long to arrive…

Brooklyn Tee
-1- Emerald / Brooklyn Tee / Blue

This was pretty much as meh as it looks.  The same sort of thing that’s available in every store everywhere that carries plus size.
No temptation to keep this one at all.



Windsor Top

-2- Tua / Windsor Top / Multi

Ahhhh!  I don’t think I could have liked this shirt any more.  I wouldn’t have ever picked out something like this on my own, and it was fun to try it.  (No offense to anyone who happens to be wearing a grandma sweatshirt applique’d with flowers… but I’m glad there are more floral options available these days. Unfortunately the top wasn’t quite long enough in front, so I had to send it back.


3/4 Sleeve Blouse

-3- Modamix / 3/4 Sleeve Blouse / Black

Winnity, win, win!  The fabric of this blouse is delightful polyester.  Okay.  Polyester gets a bad rap, but it’s actually awesome.  Drool, baby boogers, and sweet potatoes just sliiiiiide right off it.  It’s machine washable and will last longer than I will on this earth.  Plus it’s 3/4 sleeve, so it can be worn year round.

Only downside – it was a little snug.  So I just marked on my review that I wanted to exchange it for the next size up.  I sent the original back and didn’t pay shipping.  The replacement just arrived magically a week later.


Carson Pant

-4- Rafaella / Carson Pant / Gray

These are my new go-to dress pants!  I cannot believe that my 10 year old pants were able to be replaced without me travelling to 5 different stores in tears because there either wasn’t anything to even try on or because none of the three options available would work.  Honestly, this was a fashion miracle.

I already discussed exchanging an item for a different size, but I also dealt with price matching for this box.  Dia & Co. has the policy that they will price match if you can find the exact color and size of an item in stock somewhere else.  I did some searching and found my pants for quite a bit less.  It just took an email to customer service, and there was no fuss.  I ended up paying only half of what the price tag said!

Adrianne Cardigan


-5- MOA / Adrianne Cardigan / Navy

If a cardigan and a blazer had a baby, this would be it.  The color was lovely.  It was flattering.  It would have worked with the miracle dress pants.  I tried it on and felt for a moment that I was back in my Fine Arts Programming job in college.  Managing ushers.  Coordinating show starts.  Joking with patrons.  Man, I miss that gig.

Back to reality.  This cardigan didn’t fill a hole in my wardrobe.  Maybe someday there will be room in the budget for pieces like this one that only get worn every once in awhile, but today is not that day.


  • It was easy to get in touch with customer service about the issues I had.
  • My concerns were handled more than fairly.
  • I had an opportunity to try out a size exchange as well as price matching – both were easy-peasy.

If you had asked me if I would recommend Dia & Co. based on my box last month, I would have been hesitant.  But knowing how well I was taken care of when there was a problem, and how much I enjoyed box #1 and #3, I would definitely recommend this styling service.


Note:  They do offer gift cards starting at $20 (and going up to $1000, if you just sold your Nintendo stock).  This would be an awesome birthday/Christmas/Mother’s Day/anniversary/just had a baby/apology/college graduation/new job gift.  For just $20, a special lady in your life could know the experience of having a stylist pick out pieces just for her.


If you try Dia & Co. using the links on this page, I do receive credit toward another purchase.  This is a big luxury for me, so thanks!  If you do choose to try it, I’d love to hear about it.

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    Oh good dress pants are worth their weight in gold! SO hard to find. I definitely think this sort of thing is worth it when you consider just how much time you’re saving – even with online shopping, the amount of time browsing option after option really adds up!

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