Dia & Co. Review June 2016: A Diasappointment


I’m grumpy.


Disappointed.  DIAsappointed.  (See what I did there?)

I’ve got my duckface out for this latest round of Dia & Co.  I was excited to try this plus size style box service last month, and I was pleased!  My relationship with clothes and shopping has been rocky, and I was grateful for a new way to approach building a wardrobe.   I kept 2 of the 5 items in box #1.  Since it was the first box, I wasn’t expecting everything to fit my body and my style perfectly.  I gave detailed feedback on the fit and decided to try it once more.

For box #2 I said that I was looking for some dress pants to replace my go-to dress pants that are ten years old, and some summery tops to go with my new skinny jeans.


Happy Pants


Super Old Magic Pants

My old dress pants go with everything, wash up well, and stretch to fit decently through the changes of the past ten years.  They have served me well but are starting to pill enough to merit retirement.

These pants have texture and color, sort of a brownish-black faux tweed.  I enjoy that they are interesting enough to be paired with a solid top, but muted enough to be paired with other patterns as well.  I’ve thought about trying to find these exact pants on ebay, but the identifying tags have been washed so much they are blank.


It was a tough order to fill, but I was hopeful that a stylist might be able to help me find the perfect pants to replace these.

And as far as tops to wear with my new skinny jeans, I was fairly open.

I didn’t feel like my expectations were unreasonable.*


This month, I kept nothing out of my box.  My box was styled by a different person who didn’t seem to understand me quite as well.  Maybe she didn’t read all my notes?

Here’s what was inside box #2.  I fussed less with the pictures because I was feeling sad about how this box turned out.  You get the general idea of the contents.  That’s probably good enough.


Black Floral
Zenobia – Adelyn Top in black

Last box I kept a black kimono with pink flowers, so I was surprised to find another black and pink floral top in this box.  It was a bit snug anyway.




Mint SeeThrough Zenobia – Amelia Top in mint

This minty top was the same style as the shirt above, except a size smaller.  Since this was basically the same shirt as I had sent back last month for being too small, I was surprised again.  Any stylist should have known that if a shirt was too small last month, it would probably be too small this month as well.



Oh, the pink pants.


Slink Jeans – Quinn Ankle Jeggings in pink

I might have kept them if they looked newish.  Since I hope my clothes last for a long time (remember the ten-year-old dress pants?), I can’t start with them looking distressed.  I did mention that I didn’t want anything distressed in my original style answers.  But these are definitely neither dress pants nor a summery top.


Navy Pants



RaFaella – Tina Ankle Pant in navy

These were described as “ankle pants,” but they were “awkward pants” on me.  They were too short to be regular pants, but too long to be ankle pants.  These are not replacements for my Super Old Magic Pants.




Gray Tank

BB Dakota Turnberry Lace Trim Tank in gray

This last piece was offered for $55.  Although the material was soft, and I enjoy the doily bottom, $55 seems a little pricey for a gray tank top.  Plus it was boxy.  I had also answered that I did not like sleeveless tops on the original style survey.



Boo.  Why ask what I wanted if it didn’t matter anyway?
I still like the idea of the style box.  But I’m less likely to recommend Dia & Co. based on my last box.  Maybe if you don’t have all the style baggage as I do, it would still be a fun thing to try?  If you decide to give it a go, let me know how it goes.


Note:  I paid for my box myself, and this review is completely honest.  But—if you sign up for Dia & Co. using the links on this page, I do receive credit toward another purchase.  This is a big luxury for me, so thanks!  If you do choose to try it, I’d love to hear about it.  🙂


*I did express my concerns to Dia & Co. after posting this.  Check out what happened next.


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    I decided to try Dia and Co after my sister got her first Stitch Fix box and loved everything. I’m at the high end/just over the sizing for Stitch Fix so Dia seemed like a great choice. I made a Pinterest board and filled out the questionnaire. The box was TERRIBLE! Everything was way too big and very matronly and nothing like what I had pinned. I then realized that although the outside box was addressed to me- the inside stuff had another name on it! Then when I went to the review link the stuff I was supposed to get was listed. They sent me someone else’s box! Not a great first experience- especially since I’ve emailed and still haven’t heard back

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      Oh no! I enjoyed my first box, but my second box was not great. I did do online chat, and they responded quickly to that. Maybe you could try it?

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    I’m so bummed for you, Alicia! That’s so frustrating to get things you specifically listed you didn’t prefer. I don’t get the point of services like these if the stylists aren’t keyed in to the requests/preferences of their clients!

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      I stewed about it for awhile, but the other day I messaged and let them know my frustrations. Dia and Co. responded right away and gave me credit to give them another chance. I’m anxious for box #3 to arrive sometime in the next week…

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