The Lolly Awards: Laughing Our Way Through Picture Books


With selling the house and a long rough patch with Cee’s illness, it’s all about keeping things light these days.

(What’s a “Lolly?”  It’s an award we invented for the funniest of the funny books we discovered this summer.)


7. The Lolly for Best Comic goes to… Calvin and Hobbes

There’s a scene where Calvin is singing from the bathroom, “I need a bucket…no cause for alarm.”  My kids just. crack. up.  It’s totally become an inside joke in our family.  When someone is in trouble, they say all sing-song-y “No cause for alarm!”









6.  The Lolly for Best Series goes to… Elephant and Piggie

The kids love, love, love everything Mo Willems, but the Piggie and Gerald books take the cake.


5.  The Lolly for Best Dry Humor goes to… The Happy Hocky Family moves to the Country!

Every time we read this mock easy reader, the kids pick up on new funny bits.



4.  The Lolly for Best Wordless goes to…  Chalk

Surprisingly, the kids can’t get enough of this one, even though there aren’t any words.




3.  The Lolly for Best Chapter Book goes to…  The Enormous Egg

We read this as a whole-family read aloud.  With writing similar to Beverly Cleary’s, it rocks a sort of wholesome and old-timey subtle humor.




2.  The Lolly for Most Inappropriate goes to…  The Book That Eats People and The Book with No Pictures (Tie!)

The kids prefer The Book with No Pictures because it contains such literary gems as “boo boo butt” and “ba doongy face.”

But I loved how terrified they were by the dark humor of The Book That Eats People.  They kept asking me to read it over and over, but they also insisted I go into their room and remove it before they would go in to go to bed.   Maybe it makes me a terrible mom to find that as amusing as I do, but it wins the Lolly for Most Inappropriate in my book.  (pun intended).  Definitely not a good fit for all kids, but super funny for some.


1. The Lolly for Best Surprise goes to… Guess Again!

We roll on the floor with this one.  Dr. Larry Roberts?!?!  Dr. Larry Roberts?!?!  Please check this book out from the library so you can laugh as hard as we do every time we read it.



What did we miss?  We’d love to hear your recommendations for future Lollys!


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PS– Thanks for all your prayer for Jordan!  His surgery went well and he is recovering.

PPS– This post contains affiliate links.  That means if you make a purchase after using one of the links in this post, we receive a small commission at no cost to you.  Thank you for supporting our little family!


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    Thanks so much. We will check these out. What a cute idea!!! You are so creative

  2. // Reply

    Thanks for these recommendations. I’m at the point in the summer where my younger ones are tired of books – maybe I can sneak in some of these!

  3. // Reply

    Ooh, thanks for the recommendations! I will totally check our library for these. My 3-yo’s fave book right now is The Day the Crayons Quit. Not sure which category it would go under though ? I have to admit I like reading it too!

  4. // Reply

    The Lolly! Love it 🙂

    This school year we’re going to read the Little House books, so when I saw your recommendation for the Happy Hocky Family I thought that might be a good way to introduce the idea of living somewhere other than in the “city” to the wee girl. What do you think?

    And then I also put a Hold on Guess Again, because you’re kinda leaving me hanging there with what it’s about! 😉 But I trust your judgement 😀

    Thanks for the recs!

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      Right? Foxtrot was a close second. 🙂

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