MSB {27}: Shuffling back to Jerusalem

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Moe insisted he wanted to be in the picture with me this week, but he couldn’t be troubled to sit still or pose.  So here’s the result for My Sunday Best:

Sweater, shirt, shoes:  Lands’ End
Skirt:  Lularoe
Necklace:  Kohl’s superclearance


Now, onto Mass thoughts.  I’ve heard the Emmaus Road reading lots of times before, but the priest mentioned something I hadn’t considered.

He said (and I haven’t been able to verify…but trust it’s true) that Jesus told the Apostles to stay in Jerusalem until Pentecost.  And yet there were, two of them walking to Emmaus.  We don’t know why they were going to Emmaus.  Maybe it was important business.  Maybe there was something pressing.  Maybe they just wanted to work of some nervous energy and talk about the weird things that went down.

Then Jesus appeared, broke bread with them, and disappeared.  The two were all, “Snap!  That was Jesus for realz.”  Then they hustled back to Jerusalem.

Which got me thinking.  It got me thinking about all the times I’m not following the right path.  All the times I’m pursuing something selfish or just plain dumb.  And Jesus shows up in the Eucharist and herds me back to where I’m supposed to be.  Okay– I haven’t ever actually *seen* Jesus on the road.  (Probably a good thing, or I’d end up crashing my mom van into the ditch.)  But the tiny conscience pricks, the quiet whispers to turn around– that’s almost certainly a Holy Spirit thing.

Like when David and I have a disagreement and I am Definitely Right.  And I storm off in righteous indignation we take some time to cool off.  Then all the sudden, there’s the tiniest twinge of a thought that maybe I’m not Definitely Right.  Maybe I’m even only A Little Right.  Actually, maybe I’m All The Way Wrong.  And Jesus is standing there shooing me to go back to Jerusalem and apologize.

When we do dumb stuff, Jesus is there.  Not accusing, not admonishing, but gently shooing us back to where we’re supposed to be.

We all get turned around.  We all get sucked up in what we want, what feels good, what we assume is right.  That’s because we’re human.

It’s a relief to know that there’s always an opportunity to turn around.  No matter how far down the path we get, we will always be welcomed back.  This isn’t a license to wander off willy-nilly.  But it is a promise that if our eyes are on the lookout for Jesus, the Holy Spirit will help us see Him.

Now I’m picturing a dove with those noise canceling earmuffs and orange pointy sticks the air traffic people have.  Keep going.  Keep going.  Stop!  Stop!  Stop! 

Okay.  I’ll stop.  And I’ll rest in the promise that no matter what happens, there will always be the opportunity to shuffle sheepishly back to Jerusalem.





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    “And Jesus shows up in the Eucharist and herds me back to where I’m supposed to be…”

    I love this. Faith is always so much more a *journey* with God than a static/positional “I sinned, I’m out. I confessed, I’m back in.” There’s grace in the journey!

    And I love this story – there’s always something new that grabs me. Today it was how Jesus vanished after the disciples’ eyes were opened. It was almost like Jesus saying, “Ah, they get it now. My mission here is accomplished.” and then Superman-like flying off. Beyond that, I’m still thinking about why it grabs my attention so much – maybe our pastor will have an insight? (We’re off to Mass in just a bit here) Or maybe you have an insight? 🙂

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    “It’s a relief to know there is always opportunity to turn around.” No truer words spoken, right there! Love this, and love the way in which you tied in that story to the way it impacts your life today. For some reason, yesterday’s Gospel really spoke to me, in ways I am still unpacking emotionally. So, I enjoyed reading this yesterday.

    I also love your skirt!! Super feminine and such a wonderful color! Your entire Sunday/Saturday best outfit was on point and Ah-Mazing!! And, I love when my little guy joins me for a picture, but we have many of “in motion” pictures when he does, too!

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