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Located in Sioux Falls, SD, the Alpha Center could be described as a “crisis pregnancy center,” but the confidential and largely free services it provides expand beyond that umbrella.

In honor of Respect Life Month, I was able to interview the Director of Operations of the Alpha Center in Sioux Falls, SD.  The biggest challenge of such a place is a lack of awareness, so I hope to shine a light on the work of the Alpha Center.

Even though I’ve been aware of the Alpha Center for years, some of the answers were surprising!


What is the average age or range of ages for your clients?

We have a very wide range of clients – everything from Jr. High/early High School who need a pregnancy test to grandparents who are caring for their young grandchildren and want to earn points to redeem for material items for them. Our client range is roughly 14 to about 60.

 What referrals do you make to clients?

We have a variety of referrals that we offer to our clients including housing, doctors, adoption (since that’s not a service that we provide ourselves) and employment among other things.


What support do you provide mothers after their babies are born?

We understand that the need for support does not end when the baby is born, but rather increases. We offer an incentive program called Earn While You Learn to moms and dads until the child turns 2 years old so they can have continued support. Through this incentive program, they can learn about their child’s development, parenting skills and many other things as they earn points that they can redeem for physical items for their child (like diapers, wipes, clothing, formula, blankets, etc.)

What do you wish others (the general public or women in crisis) knew about the Alpha Center?

We always want to get our name out in the community so people know what services we provide and know where to come if they need those services. In addition to the referrals and Earn While You Learn program, we also offer free pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, abortion information, post-abortion support, STD tests (for a small lab fee), a sexual integrity program and mentoring for new and expecting moms and dads. Check out our website ( for more information about any of these programs and services.


How can the pro-life community help the mission of the Alpha Center?

Alpha Center is a non-profit organization and we offer all of our services to clients free of charge (with the exception of a small lab fee for STD tests). We need people to support us through prayer, time volunteered, finances and material donations towards our Earn While You Learn program. Our organization relies on the support of many individuals and organizations in these areas to continue to be able to provide the services that men and women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy need in the Sioux Falls area.


I’m grateful for the opportunity to partner with an organization that serves families in a meaningful way.  But– even if you’re not near the Alpha Center, chances are there’s a crisis pregnancy center near you!  Check out some of these links for more information about facilities throughout the country (and beyond!).




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    Thanks for interviewing someone for our project! I’m surprised that they get so many mature women earning items for their grandkids. I heard about that program, but I didn’t think of that use.

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      That was very surprising to me as well! Hopefully this can counter the stereotype that pro-lifers only care about a baby before birth. Turns out they are supporting women, born children, and even grandparents in parental roles.

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