We’ve been busy summer-ing, and there hasn’t been much opportunity to write.  Although I miss it, summer-ing has its own set of perks.  It’s turned out to be a gem of a summer.

For the past few months, Cee has had little pain and stiffness.  Sure, there’s no cartilage in her hips, so her gait is odd, but she runs.  She runs.

She beans her siblings for being irritating and rides her bike (with training wheels) to the park.

The hospital visits and lab work and weekly shots are taken in stride.  Her wheelchairs sit in the garage, dusty and sad.

This is the normal progression of an upswing.  We don’t know if it will last for days, weeks, or months.  We know that eventually the floor will fall out and we’ll find ourselves tumbling, falling through space, trying to grasp on to anything to cope with the flare.  It doesn’t matter how many times we face the fall, it’s still terrifying.


The fall will be here before we know it, so we have to soak up today.

Thank you for following along with our updates!


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    I’ve been missing your posts and starting to wonder what that meant! Am glad (and a bit relieved) to hear that the radio silence has meant a full summer. Prayers it will stretch out a good long time. ❤

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    I am rejoicing in your awesome today. So good to hear your beautiful family is enjoying this summer!

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