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I’ve been reading more than usual on my own and to the kids.   As we continue our holding pattern until Cee’s MRI on Friday and the results (probably) the following week, functioning is a challenge.  Reading brings us together and takes our focus off all the worry.


I’m not into fantasy, but Edward Eager’s Half Magic series makes a lot of lists so we gave it a try.  It’s not fantasy in the sense of weird people with green skin traveling to new planets, but a group of average kids who stumble into magical adventures.  In finding a coin that grants wishes (by halves), hilarity ensues.  It’s not often we find a read aloud that all of us enjoy equally.  Now I want to rush off and buy the rest of the series!




I loved My Big Fat Greek Wedding, so I was pleased to find the library had a copy of the biography of the film’s writer and star.  Instant Mom follows Nia Vardalos’ journey to motherhood which ultimately ends in adoption.  Vardalos’ writing style makes it an easy read with lots of giggles.  And tears.





A great followup read to A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, The Mighty Miss Malone takes place during the Great Depression in Indiana/Michigan, painting a picture of a family trying to survive griping poverty.

I don’t want to waste time on a dud, so rarely do I grab a book for myself based on the cover.  This was such a rarity, and I’m glad to have taken a chance on it.  Content-wise Cee will be ready for it in a year or so; it’s actually a juvenile book.




Two families’ stories entwine after a chance encounter leads to an affair and divorce.  Thankfully the story jumps around over five decades and conveniently skips the gory details of the affair and focuses more on how the six children (and their parents) are affected by this choice (and series of choices) moving forward.

I’m not sure about Commonwealth.  I was drawn into the story right away and invested in finding out what happened to the characters, but it didn’t leave me with warm fuzzies.  Maybe that’s what makes this novel about family dynamics realistic.





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    My husband read aloud the half magic books to the kids–EVERYONE loved them!

    1. // Reply

      Yes! Our library doesn’t carry the whole series, so we might have to invest in the rest. 🙂

  2. // Reply

    These are great picks! I hope I get to read a book again someday… ?

    1. // Reply

      There’s a lot to be said for audiobooks! I hope you find time to read again someday soon. 🙂

  3. // Reply

    I LOVE that you have Instant Mom on this list – I LOVE that book!! So glad you liked it too!!!

    1. // Reply

      It was a fun read…and I looked it up after seeing your list. 🙂 It was perfect for taking my mind off life.

  4. // Reply

    Just reserved Half Magic from the library after reading this post! Hopefully it gets to the right library by tomorrow afternoon so we can enjoy it if/when we get hit by a snowstorm!

    1. // Reply

      Isn’t it crazy to think about snow after this weather?!?! Reading Half Magic might make the blizzard more bearable. 🙂

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    We actually went to the library for the first time in forever today! (I get most of my loans as ebooks.) I haven’t looked at the books that the boys grabbed yet, but I got the movie Brooklyn for me that I’m excited about. It’s been recommended to me a few times by friends!

    1. // Reply

      Yes! I hope you enjoy Brooklyn as much as we did. The costumes are swoon-worthy! 🙂

    1. // Reply

      I loved your post this week! Off to put Mama Loves and more on hold. <3

  6. // Reply

    I didn’t know about Nia’s book! I’d love to read it- hoping my library has a copy. 🙂

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