MSB {26}:  Pizza Edition!

We are in Cincinnati.  Well.  A suburb of Cincinnati.  Same difference.  David and Cee are down at the pool, and I have some quiet time to write and be a part of My Sunday Best.  It’s been so long since I’ve had the time to participate.  I miss blogging about books and Sunday antics and […]

Anxiety, Faith, and the Outcome Spectrum Method


I have a weird approach to life’s obstacles.  I think about the best thing that could happen in any situation, and then also the worst case scenario.  Somehow it’s comforting to know that however things actually unfold, it will be somewhere on the spectrum of things I’ve already considered.  Maybe I could call it the Outcome […]

Accepting the Ugliness of Suffering

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  Be grateful for your trials, for they will become your greatest blessings. This message has been on display on a maker board in the hallway of the parish which hosts our homeschool co-op.   I’ve had to look at for several weeks now.  We have little chats, me and the marker board.  I walk […]

Hope for Crushed Cans

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        “What do you hope to get from Cincinnati?” several people have asked about our intent to see a specialist for our 8 year old daughter, Cee. I’m not sure how to respond.  A drug trial?  Earlier options for hip replacement?  In truth, I’m not sure I’m interested in either option.  The […]

MSB {24}:  Temptation: Jesus-Style

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Thanks for hosting, Rosie! Me: David, will you grab the camera for My Sunday Best? David:  Could I take a picture with you? Me:  Okay…but who is going to take the picture? Various Kids:  Me!  I’ll do it!  I want to take a picture! We let them take turns.  This was the best shot.  Poor, […]

She will not get better.


Cee’s illness impacts everything. Worries about what the future holds are overwhelming.  I’ve enjoyed being able to escape all that by writing about fluffy topics lately.  Library books.  Clothes.  Fluff.  It’s all fluff. Yesterday I posted My Sunday Best and concluded that being intentional about what’s in my closet makes me think about clothes less.  While […]

My Mission Trip

I’m over at Brittany’s blog, Everyday Thoughts, today, talking about the mission trip I took and how it’s impacted me even years later.  Yes, it involved puppetry. Check out the details, and say a prayer for Brittany while she’s off on her first mission trip.  <3

MSB {21}: Ugh.  The Beatitudes


I took the oldest two to Mass today, so I was able to hear the whole homily.  The wheelchair accessible pew was even open.  Yay! I tried something new for My Sunday Best.  I’ve been watching a lot of Hilary Rushford from Dean Street Society, and one of her tips is shopping your closet for […]

MSB {18}: Christmas Program


For the past few years our parish has held the Christmas program at the tail end of the Christmas season.  Like today.  January 8th.  It’s nice because the rush, rush, rush of Christmas has passed.  It’s hard because lots of people have sort of moved on from Christmas already.  (While liturgically appropriate, it feels sort […]

Hiding from Quiet

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The Zelie Group is launching a monthly thematic linkup.  This is a much more open-ended way to stay connected, and I look forward reading different reflections on the same theme.  In January we’re talking “quiet.”  Feel free to link up your quiet post below.   I’ve heard whispers, legends, stories of moms who are able […]