SQT:  Apples, a Tattoo, and Babyness


Right now my living room is a disaster.  I’ve got three loads of clean-but-piled-up laundry all over the couch, and there are legos and books all over the floor.  The biggest factor in my meal planning is which pan is clean.  With eating all three meals at home, seven days a week, we go through […]

Popcorn and Cardboard


I’ve felt nervous about announcing our pregnancy.  We are over-the-moon excited!  And no, it wasn’t a surprise (sooooo weird to be asked…but it’s sure easier to respond to that question here than at the grocery store). But—after seeing the backlash that the Duchess of Cambridge is facing for baby numero tres, people-pleaser me is anxious […]

The Whole Truth About My Summer Break


My teaching license *did* expire in July, so I needed to take a class at the last minute. Cee *is* doing better, so we *did* try to really enjoy the summer. But. But that’s not the whole truth behind my months-long summer break. From the day we found out we were expecting (this *is* an […]