Hi!  I’m Alicia.  Welcome to Sweeping Up Joy.

When my newest little one started scooting, I had to get hardcore about sweeping the floor multiple times a day.  With three older kids, there’s no telling what the baby might find on the floor.  Paperclips?  Playdoh?  Poo?  Depends on the day.




While spending more time with my new BFF the broom, I realized that our dustpiles are little scrapbook pages of our day.  Popcorn used to celebrate something.  Mud from playing outside.  Paper bits from a craft.  Crunchy scrambled egg bits leftover from breakfast.  Sometimes I forget to appreciate the life I have because it’s hidden behind piles of laundry and dirt.

Sweeping Up Joy reminds me to love the life behind the mess.  And there’s always a mess.

So welcome!  Thanks for stopping by the dustpile.  You can contact me at sweepingupjoy (at) gmail (dot) com


Sweeping Up Joy: A Mission Statement