The Crutch of Comfort


9/10 for the Write 31 Days Challenge so far.  Woot!  I’m over at Everyday Ediths today, writing about this month’s theme, comfort.  Click over there to read more.


There’s quite the learning curve in shifting to baking with no sugar or white flour.  I tried to accommodate Cee’s 7th birthday request for a “three layer chocolate cake with white frosting and pink decoration” as best I could for birthday #7.  She did tell me “This wasn’t what I was expecting.” The next year we just went with cupcakes. 

Day 1:  I’m baaaaaack!
Day 2:  The House Sitchiation
Day 3: An ER Adventure
Day 4: First Reconciliation Head to Head
Day 5: Packing Struggles
Day 6: This Is Us Bookless Club
Day 7: Just Take Me Now
Day 8:  Hair Trouble
Day 9:  The Crutch of Comfort

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    Thank you for witnessing to the hope and comfort our faith offers. Prayers!

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