The Catholic Woman’s Companion


I’m a planner kind of gal.

There’s something about having a book in my hand with all the info I need to know, but am prone to forget.

As my life got more complicated after college, I tried to be a binder kind of gal.  I put tabs and page protectors in big ole binder– and then promptly ignored it because my day-to-day life was actually in a $5 planner from Target.

The planners I’ve had in the past helped me keep my schedule organized, but they sure never helped me grow spiritually.

Enter, The Catholic Woman’s Companion.


When Nancy from Do Small Things With Love sent a message offering copy of her planner in exchange for a review, I was game.  It wasn’t just a link to a pdf either.  It was this physical, spiral-bound book that came in the mail.

Isn’t it lovely?!?!  I like that theme is floral, but able to be personalized.  I can color it however I want!  There are more coloring opportunities throughout.

It’s like a coloring book, planner, prayer journal, and sticky note collection all rolled into one.  

Sticky note collection?  Yes.  My cupboards are covered with grocery lists, birthday lists, blog ideas, passwords, to-do lists, project lists, and such.  It’s about as bad as it sounds.  Actually, I’ll just show you a picture sufficiently blurry so you can’t steal my identity by knowing we need to remember baking soda at the grocery store.



Hey, you can even see my old-school binder that’s full of stuff I ignore.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone somewhere and forgotten the coordinating sticky note.  The Catholic Woman’s Companion seems to solve my sticky note sticky situation.  🙂


The coloring pages are like icing on the calendar planner cake.


It goes deeper than a coloring planner, though.  Here’s a blurb from Nancy on my favorite feature.

The Catholic Women’s Companion also includes a Simple 12 Month Bible Study.

The study is based on lectio divina and offers a theme for each month.  For example, the theme for January is HOPE.  Each month you will plan out your prayer, in very practical terms.  Then, each week you will reflect on a single verse that will pull you deeper into the month’s theme.  There is plenty of place to journal as you read and reflect on the verse.

Other sections include:

  • Year/Month/Day Calendars running December 2016-December 2017
  • Weekly Meal Planning and a place to write down groceries
  • Planning for the Liturgical Seasons
  • Adult Coloring Pages
  • Monthly Habit Tracker and Goal Setting
  • Citation for Daily Reading
  • Place to Write down weekly intentions
  • Place to track monthly expenses
  • Budget Planning
  • Cleaning Schedules
  • Chore Charts, Student Info
  • and more…


 Do you want your own?

Through November 3rd the price is $29.99.  After that it jumps up to $34.99.  Why purchase a planner in November?  Because this planner dovetails with the liturgical year and starts with Advent.  Fo shizzle.  Click here to order your copy!

Looking for a Christmas gift for a special teacher, godmother, or friend?  Toss a planner, some fun pens, and a little chocolate into a basket.  Perfect!

But wait, there’s more!

I have a copy to give away.  Fo shizzle again.

Each of these is worth an entry for a total of 5 possible entries.  Leave a separate comment for each item you complete.

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Giveaway closes 11-6-16 at midnight, and the winner will be picked using and the comments on this post.  I’ll email the winner on Monday!  🙂

PS- – I’ve said before that I know like 5 people in real life and 8 people online.  So your odds of winning are excellent!

But wait, there’s more!

Nancy has offered a few free printable sample pages as a gift for Sweeping readers!

Meal Planning Pages
Bookmark (this will change your life!)

Seriously, check out this bookmark.  Print it out. Fold it in half.  Laminate.  Use a marker to fill out your to-do list for the day.


To summarize, you can buy your own at the special introductory price though November 3rd, enter the giveaway, and start using the free printables from Nancy.
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*****Congratulations to Laura V. on winning a copy of The Catholic Woman’s Companion!  Thanks to everyone who entered. *****


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    Wow. That sounds like an excellent planner. I love the lectio divina built in. I love that it is a journal, planner, and prayer tool all in one!

  2. // Reply

    Can you believe I didn’t know Catholic Planners existed, and I was actually attempting to create my own?! Thank goodness that I started following blogs and came across this. So much time saved! I will use it to log liturgical living ideas for my home.

  3. // Reply

    I love planners. And the fact that it’s also a prayer journal and coloring book? Bonus!

  4. // Reply

    Following on Blog Lovin’!

  5. // Reply

    I would love to gift this!

  6. // Reply

    Oh!!! I need this in my life! The meal planner aspect would be awesome. Right now I have post it notes everywhere for our weekly meal plans!

    1. // Reply

      Glad I’m not alone in my sticky note system. 🙂

  7. // Reply

    I’m totally a planner gal and my whole life is in it so this seems a little too perfect! I just wish there was a way you could start on whatever month you want…(mainly because I’m already in the middle of a planner that I love – I do love the Liturgical Year concept though).

  8. // Reply

    You had me at laminate.

    I actually sat down with my current planner a couple weeks back and made a list of things I’d change if I were to design a planner. Turns out I don’t have to because she thought of most of the things I did! I already purchased one (15 minutes ago!) but I’d love to gift one to a friend!

  9. // Reply

    The reminder to stop and pray every time I look at the planner would be great. My current planner ends in Dec so this is right on time for me!

  10. // Reply

    I would love the meal planning section.

  11. // Reply

    I liked your Facebook page & I can’t wait to check out some of your older posts! I love the few that I’ve read already.

    1. // Reply

      Thanks for stopping by, Cheryl! 🙂

  12. // Reply

    Excited all my tracking will be all in one.

  13. // Reply

    Loving this planner! I’ve been looking for one of this size for a long, long time….. Can’t wait to get mine, although the cost is a bit of an issue.

  14. // Reply

    My counter space and cabinets look like yours! This planner will help me pull my life together!

  15. // Reply

    And now following you on facebook…… looking forward to your posts.

  16. // Reply

    Liked you on facebook page ??

  17. // Reply

    Shared this giveaway on facebook! Spreading the joy…

  18. // Reply

    I love the prayer journal/devotion/meditation component of the planner. My basic store bought planners never include this necessary part.

  19. // Reply

    Oh I so need something like this! My organizational style is “hot mess”! ?

  20. // Reply

    I think this would really help me with my organizational goals. Plus, it’s Catholic! Win-win!

  21. // Reply

    I’ve been wanting to get more into liturgical living but procrastinate so bad…this would help make it way way way easier 🙂

  22. // Reply

    I also just followed on Bloglovin 🙂

  23. // Reply

    What I love about the planner is that it’s already organized the way I organize my simple one, with daily activities, to do, and meals.

  24. // Reply

    I followed you on Facebook 🙂

  25. // Reply

    Aaaan followed you on bloglovin. Thanks for the review and giveaway!

  26. // Reply

    I currently have a binder planner but don’t like how much space it takes up on the counter. This looks like a great size. Love that it has the liturgical year built in so it would be easier to incorporate into our daily life.

  27. // Reply

    Could totally use this! My lists and things end up all over the house. And I need them to survive!

  28. // Reply

    This planner would be awesome. I currently am using a combination of wall calendar, notebooks, and random papers stuck to the fridge. What an upgrade this would be!

  29. // Reply

    I’m like you and love the idea of organizers. Some have worked well; some not so well. I like the all-in-one with pages I don’t have to create.

  30. // Reply

    I liked you on Facebook but I liked you long before that!

  31. // Reply

    I’m an email subscriber of stalker proportions.

  32. // Reply

    Awesomeness! I’ve been drooling over this, dropping hints to hubby, thanks for the opportunity to win one! God bless you!

  33. // Reply

    This looks so fun, and would maybe help me not be the awkward moment who always forgets when all the kids’ stuff is!

  34. // Reply

    Love it! The coloring pages look really relaxing.

  35. // Reply

    I would love the one-stop-shopping of having everything in one convenient planner. This sounds awesome!!

  36. // Reply

    I would love the help of a meal planner, habit tracker, cleaning schedule and chore chart (& more) all in one planner!! and LOVE its all in a catholic planner! Would love to eliminate all the sticky notes and scratch papers all over my kitchen counter!! 🙂

  37. // Reply

    already subscribed for emails (love to read your blog!!)

  38. // Reply

    like Sweeping up Joy on FB. 🙂

  39. // Reply

    I love planners! And Catholic planners are even better! I would love to have it brought down to one planner for all of those subjects. Right now I am using three, plus my phone! No wonder I feel scattered at times!

  40. // Reply

    I love that it has a meal planning section but I also love planners and that is is catholic, how wonderful!

  41. // Reply

    Wow! Look at all the comments for your first giveaway! What fun!!!!

    1. // Reply

      Yes! It was fun. It makes me want to find more stuff to give away. 🙂

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