The Lolly Awards:  Laughing Our Way Through Picture Books


With selling the house and a long rough patch with Cee’s illness, it’s all about keeping things light these days. (What’s a “Lolly?”  It’s an award we invented for the funniest of the funny books we discovered this summer.)   7. The Lolly for Best Comic goes to… Calvin and Hobbes There’s a scene where Calvin […]

SQT:  Friday Funnies

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7 Quick Friday Funnies   It’s been a topsy-turvy week of getting behinder and behinder with another trip to Mayo, getting my stitches out, and swim therapy.  So here are some quick funnies from life with the kiddos.       1.  Some questions are best left unanswered. Me:  (working in the kitchen, noticing the Bea […]

SQT:  Unexpected Parenting Goals

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  Unexpected Parenting Goals for 2017: 1.  Not to accrue any library fees or fines.  I feel like we should have a chalkboard with “___ Days Since Last Library Fine” in our living room.  Do they sell those on Etsy?!?!   Might be a real motivator in preventing the destruction and loss of library books. […]

The Hard to Buy Gifts


We try to have as much of our gift buying as possible done before Advent starts.  I love gift guides that come out early so I can get all our November prepping done!   Here’s a list of ideas for those hard-to-buy-for people. 1. The Big Family The Big Boss Swirlio This bad boy big […]

7 Quick Hates

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or Things I Want to Punch (Now That I’m a Parent)   1. Stickers Did you know that the sticky side of a sticker contains a powerful binding agent that is only activated when in contact with finished wood?  Yeah.  That’s a thing.  Hey, we always wanted to know what Great-Grandma’s antique buffet would look like […]

SQT {13}:  Anti-Boredom Board Books


Seven Quick Takes Just to be clear, the title of this post refers to the sweet spot in children’s literature wherein the reading parent doesn’t go crazy and the child asks for more. -1- Little Feet Love by Bendon Inc. Honestly, this book doesn’t even have an author, and it makes me die inside a little […]

SQT {11}: Wacko Wisdom, A Sermon Vitamin, and The Zelie Group

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Seven Quick Takes of Randomness! 1- Wacko Wisdom We’ve never actually started a list of the crazy things that we say as parents.   We should.  Usually it’s some sort of “wisdom” said with a straight face that we laugh about later. “Actually, it’s considered impolite to eat your soup with fingers.” “You can’t go outside without […]