Poor Prognosis

Last July, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital hosted a SJIA festival.  Families traveled from around the country to network and attend educational sessions.  Since we had just been there in April, it seemed sort of silly to travel all the way back a few months later, but I was disappointed at the missed opportunity. We have only […]

The Doctor Dating Game

    David and I value loyalty, and whether or not it’s misguided, we feel some loyalty to the pediatric rheumatologist who diagnosed and has been treating Cee.  But he’s basically said that there isn’t anything else that he can offer.  When I messaged his nurse to say we were looking at our options as […]

Of Shots, Truth, and Worry

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    The other night, David gave Cee her Methotrexate shot right before bed.  Methotrexate is a chemotherapy drug that is used for SJIA because it shuts down the immune system.  Cee’s immune system is superhuman; it’s so powerful that it even attacks things that aren’t germs.  Like her joints.   Cee’s Methotrexate often makes […]