MSB {24}:  Temptation: Jesus-Style

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Thanks for hosting, Rosie! Me: David, will you grab the camera for My Sunday Best? David:  Could I take a picture with you? Me:  Okay…but who is going to take the picture? Various Kids:  Me!  I’ll do it!  I want to take a picture! We let them take turns.  This was the best shot.  Poor, […]

MSB {23}: Why are you anxious about clothes?

Here’s my Mass outfit this week: Top:  Lularoe Perfect T Skirt:  Lularoe Maxi Sweater, shoes, belt: Lands’ End I love me some Lularoe.  I’m actually having on online popup (browse from home!) on Monday, February 27th at 7pm CST.  I’d love for you to join!  You can read more in my post Escaping the Dreaded Mom […]

MSB {22}:  On Gawking and Wayward Ducklings

Oh, man. We were due.  We’ve had a lot of so-so or fine Mass experiences lately.  So we were due for a whopper. But first– the picture.  This is my Sunday best from last week, because I didn’t get around to posting then.  It works out great because this week I didn’t get around to posing. […]

MSB {21}: Ugh.  The Beatitudes


I took the oldest two to Mass today, so I was able to hear the whole homily.  The wheelchair accessible pew was even open.  Yay! I tried something new for My Sunday Best.  I’ve been watching a lot of Hilary Rushford from Dean Street Society, and one of her tips is shopping your closet for […]

MSB {20}:  Adventures of Captain Surly and The Nanny Duck

My (Saturday Night) Sunday Best! We visited another parish this week for Mass on Saturday night, and Moe fell asleep on the 40ish minute drive there.  That meant he was still waking up during most of Mass.  He wakes up hard.  And slowly.  So although he looked surly, he was quiet and still for almost […]

MSB {19}:  Transition-y Decor

  This is me.  In my Sunday best.  The shirt is from Lands’ End.  The pants are from a magical Dia Box. Now that that’s out of the way, we can get on to the real stuffs.     We got a new hand-me-down couch that didn’t really flow with our current gallery wall, and […]

MSB {18}: Christmas Program


For the past few years our parish has held the Christmas program at the tail end of the Christmas season.  Like today.  January 8th.  It’s nice because the rush, rush, rush of Christmas has passed.  It’s hard because lots of people have sort of moved on from Christmas already.  (While liturgically appropriate, it feels sort […]

MSB {17}:  Christmas Repeat

Last week for Christmas I wanted to get a family picture next to the nativity at church.  But it didn’t happen.  We got one of just the kids, but David was preparing for his lectorly duties, and so the full family pic never happened. Here are the kids on Christmas Day: We decided to wear […]

MSB {16}:  Jesus is the Sign

As I’ve been reviewing my life choices and discerning the future, I’ve slowed down my blogging.  You can read more about that here if you missed it.  But I didn’t want to miss My Sunday Best, because I actually managed to get a picture! Just now I’ve told the kids to “go downstairs and don’t come […]

MSB {15}: New Shoes!

My Sunday Best:  New Shoes! Welcome to My Sunday Best, hosted by Rosie at a blog for my mom.   To Mass this week I wore the dress of always with a grey older-than-dirt sweater and black leggings.  The stars of the show are my new not-Croc shoes! Lands’ End ran a super great Black Friday […]