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Momming in Solidarity

I am the mother of four.  In some circles, that’s an enormous number.  In other circles, that’s just getting started. At any rate, I’ve gone through four births, three potty-training-s, two kindergartens, and one learning-to-read-s.  There’s a lot in between each of those milestones.  Like trips to the emergency room, family gatherings interrupted by vomit, […]

An Anne Shirley of a First Co-op

Finding a dead rat in the custard. Accidentally getting her best friend drunk. Jumping on an old lady in the dark.   Anne Shirley of Green Gables fame found herself in the middle of all sorts of scrapes.  Some were the result of negligence, a few of pride, others pure dumb luck. I’ve always identified with Anne […]

SQT {11}: Wacko Wisdom, A Sermon Vitamin, and The Zelie Group

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Seven Quick Takes of Randomness! 1- Wacko Wisdom We’ve never actually started a list of the crazy things that we say as parents.   We should.  Usually it’s some sort of “wisdom” said with a straight face that we laugh about later. “Actually, it’s considered impolite to eat your soup with fingers.” “You can’t go outside without […]

The Zelie Group Kickoff

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  St. Zelie was the mother of St. Therese the Little Flower.  Somehow, simple Zelie Martin raised a Doctor of the Church.  It wasn’t because she was extraordinary– quite the contrary.  She seems especially ordinary from what I’ve read.  But she had faith.  She did her motherly duties with great love even in times of […]

A Resignation Reversal


I called David at about 9:30 this morning.  I told him that I was resigning.  I asked if he wanted me to be done at end of the business day today, or if he’d prefer the traditional two weeks. – I told him about the hate note I got from Elle (so proud of her […]

My Style Journey


I have sisters who are stylish.  Who wear all sorts of interesting things and make them look good.  (One of my sisters could literally wear a horse blanket with twine holding it on and look ah-mazing.  She could wear the VonTrapp drapes and be adorable!)  I walk into a store having no idea what would […]

Book Rage


We are missing a library book. I have checked everywhere it would be reasonable for a book to be…under beds, mixed in with our other books, between the couch cushions. I have checked many places it would be unreasonable for a book to be… amidst the clean, folded towels in the bathroom, in the bench […]

Momsolation -- The Results


After reading Carrot’s thoughts on the pressures of being a mom in today’s society, I set five goals for myself this week.  I’ve never really set goals, but I’ve known for a while that I’ve been failing self-care.  It seemed like time to at least pretend to try. I’ve thought about making little changes before, but honestly–I […]



Carrots recently posted all the thoughts on the tough job of being a mother in today’s world.  Here’s a thought that’s going to stay with me:   Maybe we are not super heroes. Maybe we are not robots. Maybe just maybe we are human women who need good food, exercise, occasional silence, friendship, a night […]