MSB 38:  Beat-boxing and Generosity

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Mass was an event today.  It wasn’t so bad that I couldn’t even muster a recap like a few weeks ago, though.  So that’s a small victory.  Here’s a quick recap: Moe did great while he was looking through one of the picture Bibles we bring to church.  That is, until he figured out how […]

MSB {34}:  In or Out?  The Big Mass Question


  I got a new dress for My Sunday Best this week!  Lands’ End offers new prints and colors of their fit and flare dress every year, but I refuse to pay full price.  I watch their website like a hawk, waiting to add a new dress to my rotation if they offer the perfect storm […]

MSB {14}:  The Great Pew Slither

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  This is a recycled picture, but the outfit is exactly the same.  My kids couldn’t figure out the camera this week, so I gave up after 10 pictures of the ceiling fan, just my head, just my torso…you get the idea.   The last time I linked up for My Sunday Best, the title […]

MSB {5}: The Pew Boss


My Sunday Best with The Pew Boss I have enjoyed linking up with My Sunday Best because it’s a means to swap Mass survival stories. But– I’m getting a little tired of posting the same picture of myself over and over.  I <3 Lands’ End and have been rotating their fit and flare dresses all summer.  (They […]

Rainsticks and bongos and chimes, oh my!

We were out of town this past weekend, so we attended Mass in a parish other than our own.  Our experience has sparked some inner turmoil and discussion. Before Mass, the choir started a song which shook me out of my prayer in surprise–there were bongos in the song.  I tapped David gently over Elle’s […]