The Saddest Room

  Early on in Cee’s illness, I think one of my lowest lows came in what I called “The Saddest Room.” Cee had been taken into an operating room for her bone marrow biopsy.  Only one person could be with her as she went under anesthesia.  The nurse told me to follow her and my mom and David […]

…because it made me paranoid. I’ve got enough regular stuff to worry about without being concerned that: -The hospital will have an outbreak of Ebola, and we’ll be put under lockdown. -I’ll go to the bathroom and Cee will go from fine to cardiac arrest. -Cee’s condition will be stable, but during a routine test David […]

First the positive:  Stephanie has generously offered to take off work for the rest of the week so Moe can stay with us!  Elle will still go back to Iowa (and she’ll love her time at Grandma’s), but this way I can be the one waking up with baby Moe during the night.  I have to give a […]

It’s over.  The bone marrow biopsy is finished. So we wait. Cee was a champ through everything.  Before the procedure she got some “I don’t care” medicine in her IV.  David, my mom, and I were there.  Cee figured out how to cross her fingers and smiled a lot as she stared at us.  It was a […]

A Stay at Mayo

We’ve been at Mayo since Friday.  Cee was unimpressed with the ambulance ride and having to get an IV again… St. Mary’s feels a lot like Avera in atmosphere, only bigger.  There’s definitely the same emphasis on quality of care and less emphasis on the flashy unimportant things that we’ve seen other hospitals value. And […]