JEI {2}:  Back to School

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Welcome to the weekly link up, Just Enough Info (JEI).  The internets can be a great source of community, and I’d love to get to know you better!  Feel free to share your answers in the comments or link up if you have a blog.  You can see our first link up here.   This week’s topic […]

SQT {7): Creating a Homeschool I Love

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We’re coming out of 3 years of survival mode homeschooling due to Cee’s illness.  The kids and I have enjoyed parts, and we’ve learned too…but “loving our homeschool” hasn’t been a major focus.  It’s more of a fortunate occasional byproduct. I’ve been devouring a new-to-me blog lately.  I don’t really know the author, but she’s […]

A Staycation: Australia!

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We use CHC’s Explore the Continents as a general guide for our staycation to Australia. We checked out all the books we could about Australia from the library.  The nonfiction books were all sort of standard, but there were some fiction books that we read and re-read. Best of Australia in Children’s Literature (We started […]

SQT {3}: Busy Kid Edition


Here are the highlights of what the kidlets have been up to this week -1- Bea is officially out of the “easy baby” stage and into the “into everything” stage.  She’s also started making a noise we call the angry pig squeal when she doesn’t get her way.  She made David’s glasses an offer they […]