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Wholesome Ice Cream (Dairy Free!)

  A lifesaver in the whole food world has been our improvised ice cream.  It’s almost too good to be true, because of its simplicity. Wholesome Ice Cream Ingredients: frozen ripe banana chunks (optional:  other frozen fruit, vanilla, cocoa powder, nut butters, etc.) (optional parent add in:  liquors of any sort) Peel, slice, and freeze banana chunks […]

A Staycation: Australia!

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We use CHC’s Explore the Continents as a general guide for our staycation to Australia. We checked out all the books we could about Australia from the library.  The nonfiction books were all sort of standard, but there were some fiction books that we read and re-read. Best of Australia in Children’s Literature (We started […]

Pumpkin Pancake Crumbles

It took me a long time to figure out what to call this recipe. “Weird McGeerd Pumpkin Scrambled Eggs” is probably more accurate.  But no one is going to want to make pumpkin scrambled eggs, no matter how good they actually taste.  It sounds gross-o. Here’s the back story.  We have a recipe for paleo […]

Watermelon Pops


We don’t really do much for sweets around these parts.  We’ve done some baking with almond flour and coconut flour, but they tend to be expensive.  Fruit has become our go-to dessert and snack.  For months the kids have been asking if the grocery store has watermelon yet, because they couldn’t wait to start having watermelon pops […]

Broccoli for Haters

  Generally, I do not like vegetables– broccoli included.  Well, I used to be a hater until this recipe converted me.  We make the following recipe every week, if not a couple times per week.  It’s a tasty and affordable side that can be thown together with little fuss. Frugal note:  I like to stock up […]

Taco Glump


***From our July 2, 2013 Journal Archives*** Cee continues to struggle with pain.  The back of her head/neck area and her leg seem to be the main areas lately.  She wakes up stiff, gets better throughout the day, and then mid-afternoon she starts having pain again.  This is the pattern she was in before Mayo, and […]


I believe this all started on Monday…so tomorrow marks a week of the flare up.  I don’t know how long they typically last.  As far as the bigger picture, this all started on January 20th.  So this weekend marks five months.  Five months. Cee’s pain level is increasing.  Although there are some brief times where she’s […]

David and I have met with some less-than-helpful criticism for pursuing Cee’s diet shift.  Here are some reasons we decided to pursue this diet change: -All in all, it seems to make sense.  “Eat more vegetables, avoid sugar.”   This isn’t exactly revolutionary in the diet world.  Sure it’s no fun, but at the very worst Cee won’t […]

Cee went to church dressed like a gypsy yesterday.  With all the changes she’s having to put up with, I didn’t push it. My sister picked up a bunch of dresses at a garage sale.  Most of them are everyday play dresses.  Cee chose one to wear for church.  It was  floor-length, spaghetti strapped, and as […]


On Friday we drove up with the kids to Rochester for Cee’s first followup appointment with our rheumatologist. Cee’s pain level is much lower than it has been, but she still has migrating joint pain.  It lasts in a certain joint for 2 days or so before moving to another joint.  She does have a rash that […]