SQT:  Apples, a Tattoo, and Babyness


Right now my living room is a disaster.  I’ve got three loads of clean-but-piled-up laundry all over the couch, and there are legos and books all over the floor.  The biggest factor in my meal planning is which pan is clean.  With eating all three meals at home, seven days a week, we go through […]

Happiness {8}:  Survival of the Fittest Gardening

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Participants in “Write 31 Days” pledge to write for 30 minutes on a single topic every day in October.  My topic?  Happiness.     Today I took the oldest kids to do some fun fall things. They rode horses.   Painted pumpkins.   Took a train ride around the lake. (Why yes, that “train” is a lawnmower and […]