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SQT:  Friday Funnies

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7 Quick Friday Funnies   It’s been a topsy-turvy week of getting behinder and behinder with another trip to Mayo, getting my stitches out, and swim therapy.  So here are some quick funnies from life with the kiddos.       1.  Some questions are best left unanswered. Me:  (working in the kitchen, noticing the Bea […]

7 Quick Hates

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or Things I Want to Punch (Now That I’m a Parent)   1. Stickers Did you know that the sticky side of a sticker contains a powerful binding agent that is only activated when in contact with finished wood?  Yeah.  That’s a thing.  Hey, we always wanted to know what Great-Grandma’s antique buffet would look like […]

MSB {5}: The Pew Boss


My Sunday Best with The Pew Boss I have enjoyed linking up with My Sunday Best because it’s a means to swap Mass survival stories. But– I’m getting a little tired of posting the same picture of myself over and over.  I <3 Lands’ End and have been rotating their fit and flare dresses all summer.  (They […]

MSB {4}:  Of Baskets and Beetles


This is my Sunday best for the week.  If you’re actually interested in the details, here’s the scoop. My parents offered to watch Bea during Mass, so I was able to wear a necklace!  Fancy, right?  On to more interesting Sundayness. It’s become a thing among the kids that they MUST TOUCH THE BASKET passed […]

MSB {2}:  The Theology of Cheese

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If this is your first time stopping by, be sure to subscribe through email —–> or through bloglovin. 🙂   Mass. With kids. (cue the most terrifying music ever known to humankind) The last two weeks we’ve resumed attending as a family after trying for the past yearish to split up so Moe didn’t go regularly. […]

My Grandbunnies


I asked Elle to describe a drawing she was working on diligently. Elle:  (proudly) These are my kids. Me: Oh!  How nice.  How many kids do you have? Elle:  Seven. Me:  What are their names? Elle:  Flopsy, Mopsy, Cottontail…(big pause)…Mrs. Rabbit…Lucy… (she trails off, unable to name the remaining two)   Oh dear.  I think […]

Last night after supper, the girls were off playing, and David came into the living room where I was.  He looked amused. David:  Oh, I forgot to tell you that I caught Elle in the bathroom frosting cupcakes. Me:  (confused) What?!…Oh…the handsoap.  Was that her frosting? David:  Yep. Me:  What was she using as a cupcake? David: […]