MSB {23}: Why are you anxious about clothes?

Here’s my Mass outfit this week: Top:  Lularoe Perfect T Skirt:  Lularoe Maxi Sweater, shoes, belt: Lands’ End As you can guess, I love me some Lularoe.   Now for Mass.  This passage from the Gospel of Matthew got me thinking: Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or […]

Escaping the Dreaded Mom Style Rut

From my earlier post, My Style Journey: From high school on, I developed the mentality that it’s not what on the outside that counts.  I can rock inside stuff like being kind and helpful, but I can’t rock the outside stuff.  So I’ve pretty much given up trying any harder than “presentable.”  Clothes were designed to […]

Dia & Co. Review: November 2016

I feel like I’ve been through it all in my relationship with Dia & Co.   My first box was like a great first date. Then with Box #2 we had our first fight.  It’s like Dia & Co. wasn’t even listening to me. I decided to talk about my needs, and we worked out […]

JEI {12}: To Be Beautiful


Welcome to the weekly link up, Just Enough Info (JEI).  The internets can be a great source of community, and I’d love to get to know you better!  Feel free to share your answers in the comments or link up if you have a blog.   “I know what women want. They want to be beautiful.” —Valentino […]

MSB {6}: A little cheat

Welcome to the latest edition of My Sunday Best! Dress:  Thrifted Pants:  Dia & Co. Sweater:  Dress Barn (similar) Shoes:  Lands’ End (on sale now!)   “Hey wait a minute,” you might be thinking. “That’s not one of the 2 outfit rotation you always wear on Sundays…” I know.  I’m cheating. Sort of.   This *is* what I wore on […]

MSB {5}: The Pew Boss


My Sunday Best with The Pew Boss I have enjoyed linking up with My Sunday Best because it’s a means to swap Mass survival stories. But– I’m getting a little tired of posting the same picture of myself over and over.  I <3 Lands’ End and have been rotating their fit and flare dresses all summer.  (They […]

Dia & Co. July 2016:  Another Shot

  I did it. I stewed for a long time, then I presented my constructive criticism to Dia & Co, a plus size styling service, after a less-than-stellar box. You can read all about my negative experience last month, but the gist is that the box didn’t seem like it was for me at all.  This […]

MSB {4}:  Of Baskets and Beetles


This is my Sunday best for the week.  If you’re actually interested in the details, here’s the scoop. My parents offered to watch Bea during Mass, so I was able to wear a necklace!  Fancy, right?  On to more interesting Sundayness. It’s become a thing among the kids that they MUST TOUCH THE BASKET passed […]

MSB {3}:  Delighting in the Imperfect


This week at Mass Moe and I continued our discussion of the miracle of bread and cheese.  (Oh, you haven’t heard about that miracle before?)  He probably loves bread and cheese equally, so I imagine for him the whole thing is as much a mystery as the real Eucharist is. This week’s whispered theology conversation: […]