Anxiety, Faith, and the Outcome Spectrum Method


I have a weird approach to life’s obstacles.  I think about the best thing that could happen in any situation, and then also the worst case scenario.  Somehow it’s comforting to know that however things actually unfold, it will be somewhere on the spectrum of things I’ve already considered.  Maybe I could call it the Outcome […]

MSB {22}:  On Gawking and Wayward Ducklings

Oh, man. We were due.  We’ve had a lot of so-so or fine Mass experiences lately.  So we were due for a whopper. But first– the picture.  This is my Sunday best from last week, because I didn’t get around to posting then.  It works out great because this week I didn’t get around to posing. […]

MSB {21}: Ugh.  The Beatitudes


I took the oldest two to Mass today, so I was able to hear the whole homily.  The wheelchair accessible pew was even open.  Yay! I tried something new for My Sunday Best.  I’ve been watching a lot of Hilary Rushford from Dean Street Society, and one of her tips is shopping your closet for […]

Hiding from Quiet

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The Zelie Group is launching a monthly thematic linkup.  This is a much more open-ended way to stay connected, and I look forward reading different reflections on the same theme.  In January we’re talking “quiet.”  Feel free to link up your quiet post below.   I’ve heard whispers, legends, stories of moms who are able […]

MSB {16}:  Jesus is the Sign

As I’ve been reviewing my life choices and discerning the future, I’ve slowed down my blogging.  You can read more about that here if you missed it.  But I didn’t want to miss My Sunday Best, because I actually managed to get a picture! Just now I’ve told the kids to “go downstairs and don’t come […]

JEI {15}: Faith Formation Resources

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Welcome to the weekly link up, Just Enough Info (JEI).  The internets can be a great source of community, and I’d love to get to know you better!  Feel free to share your answers in the comments or link up if you have a blog. Faith Formation 1. Do your children attend your parish’s religious education program? […]

Happiness {9}:  My Sunday Best

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Participants in “Write 31 Days” pledge to write for 30 minutes on a single topic every day in October.  My topic?  Happiness. Today is Sunday. In the past I’ve participated in the “My Sunday Best” link up hosted by Rosie.  If you visit that link, you’ll see a list of reasons why someone like me who […]

SQT {11}: Wacko Wisdom, A Sermon Vitamin, and The Zelie Group

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Seven Quick Takes of Randomness! 1- Wacko Wisdom We’ve never actually started a list of the crazy things that we say as parents.   We should.  Usually it’s some sort of “wisdom” said with a straight face that we laugh about later. “Actually, it’s considered impolite to eat your soup with fingers.” “You can’t go outside without […]

MSB {5}: The Pew Boss


My Sunday Best with The Pew Boss I have enjoyed linking up with My Sunday Best because it’s a means to swap Mass survival stories. But– I’m getting a little tired of posting the same picture of myself over and over.  I <3 Lands’ End and have been rotating their fit and flare dresses all summer.  (They […]

MSB {2}:  The Theology of Cheese

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If this is your first time stopping by, be sure to subscribe through email —–> or through bloglovin. 🙂   Mass. With kids. (cue the most terrifying music ever known to humankind) The last two weeks we’ve resumed attending as a family after trying for the past yearish to split up so Moe didn’t go regularly. […]