Dia & Co:  My Fifth Review

Thanks to someone using my affiliate link for their first Dia Box, I had enough credit to try this service again!  (I won’t go rehash all the details, but you can visit my first review for all the specifics.) My fifth time posting the results is the first in which I’ve been brave enough to wear the […]

Dia & Co. Review: November 2016

I feel like I’ve been through it all in my relationship with Dia & Co.   My first box was like a great first date. Then with Box #2 we had our first fight.  It’s like Dia & Co. wasn’t even listening to me. I decided to talk about my needs, and we worked out […]

Dia & Co. July 2016:  Another Shot

  I did it. I stewed for a long time, then I presented my constructive criticism to Dia & Co, a plus size styling service, after a less-than-stellar box. You can read all about my negative experience last month, but the gist is that the box didn’t seem like it was for me at all.  This […]

Dia & Co. Review June 2016:  A Diasappointment

I’m grumpy. Crabby. Disappointed.  DIAsappointed.  (See what I did there?) I’ve got my duckface out for this latest round of Dia & Co.  I was excited to try this plus size style box service last month, and I was pleased!  My relationship with clothes and shopping has been rocky, and I was grateful for a new […]

Dia & Co. Review: May 2016

I have recently started focusing on being a better mother and wife by being becoming the best version of myself.  For me, that has included the step of developing my sense of style and actually purchasing clothing that reflects that. I’ve talked about my feelings toward fashion and shopping and how that led me to Dia […]

My Style Journey


I have sisters who are stylish.  Who wear all sorts of interesting things and make them look good.  (One of my sisters could literally wear a horse blanket with twine holding it on and look ah-mazing.  She could wear the VonTrapp drapes and be adorable!)  I walk into a store having no idea what would […]