We drew bloodwork today in preparation for Mayo next week.  It was awful.  Cee’s anxiety level was through the roof, and she screamed through the whole procedure. The nurse called me with a few of the results.  Today Cee’s  inflammation level is 4x higher than the last levels that David and I remember.   The nurse was sympathetic and mentioned that that was […]

The "Truths" of JIA

I may have paraphrased a little, but these are some of the actual “truths” we have been told by professionals, that is, people with specialized training, regarding Cee’s situation. -Mayo  isn’t as great as everyone thinks.  The people in Rochester choose to go to the local hospital instead of Mayo.  That says something. -Mayo is the […]

As Cee excused herself from the dinner table to go to the bathroom, David and I watched her hobble slowly down the hallway.  “When did this become normal?”  David asked defeatedly. Normal these days is having an almost-five-year-old who doesn’t dress herself.  Who sometimes needs help holding a cup.  Who doesn’t like to be hugged or […]

Taco Glump


***From our July 2, 2013 Journal Archives*** Cee continues to struggle with pain.  The back of her head/neck area and her leg seem to be the main areas lately.  She wakes up stiff, gets better throughout the day, and then mid-afternoon she starts having pain again.  This is the pattern she was in before Mayo, and […]

Yesterday was not completely terrible, and today looks like it might be not terrible as well. “Not terrible” is the new “good.” Cee ate.  (She didn’t eat any vegetables, and she may have had eggs for all three meals, but they were bright yellow yolk eggs from my aunt’s farm.  Lots of nutrition there.) Cee played.  (Early […]

Cee had some good moments yesterday.  We went to the magician hosted by the library.  My sister brought over some kazoos (which the girls love, love, love!). But other than that, things continue to unravel.  Cee picked at her food all day.  She doesn’t want to go to the bathroom.  Apparently she didn’t get the memo […]


I believe this all started on Monday…so tomorrow marks a week of the flare up.  I don’t know how long they typically last.  As far as the bigger picture, this all started on January 20th.  So this weekend marks five months.  Five months. Cee’s pain level is increasing.  Although there are some brief times where she’s […]


Our next focus will be Cee’s stress level.  The nutritionist said that stress (anything that causes increased adrenaline) taxes the adrenal glands and messes up the hormones.  With arthritis, Cee’s immune system mistakenly thinks there’s something bad going on that needs to be attacked.  When she gets a shot of adrenaline, that makes the problem with her immune […]

Life is so much better than it was a couple months ago.  It’s been so nice that I’ve been lulled into a false sense of security with Cee’s health.  We’re dealing with a flare up today that has brought me back to reality.  And panic. These things have been hard today: *taking medicine *eating anything *dressing […]

David and I have met with some less-than-helpful criticism for pursuing Cee’s diet shift.  Here are some reasons we decided to pursue this diet change: -All in all, it seems to make sense.  “Eat more vegetables, avoid sugar.”   This isn’t exactly revolutionary in the diet world.  Sure it’s no fun, but at the very worst Cee won’t […]