MSB {28}:  On Sheep and Over Zealous Picking

  If you’ve been following My Sunday Best for awhile, you know that occasionally I get a little cheat-sy.  I’m supposed to post a picture of what I wore to Mass.  Well, what I wore this week was pretty much the same as last time. So I offer the substitute picture of me and Bea […]

The Messiness of Mary's Motherhood


  I’m over at Everyday Ediths, writing about the theme this month– Motherhood. Jesus offers Mary to us, not only as a model and intercessor, but as someone who will hold our face in her hands and wipe our tears when life doesn’t make sense. When we can’t grasp how things can possibly get better. […]

Shouldn't this be easier?

I delight in being a mother.  In hearing my kids giggle.  In watching them reach new milestones. The achievement I am most proud of is keeping four small humans alive for the past eight years.   If all that is true, why is it so hard?  Why can’t we just build blanket forts, eat popcorn, […]

MSB {27}: Shuffling back to Jerusalem

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Moe insisted he wanted to be in the picture with me this week, but he couldn’t be troubled to sit still or pose.  So here’s the result for My Sunday Best: Sweater, shirt, shoes:  Lands’ End Skirt:  Lularoe Necklace:  Kohl’s superclearance   Now, onto Mass thoughts.  I’ve heard the Emmaus Road reading lots of times […]

The Meat and Potatoes of Cincinnati


If the fifty degree difference between Cincinnati and home wasn’t enough to jerk us back to reality, the giant piles of laundry from the suitcase was. We are home. “How did it go?” our dear friends and family will ask.  “Did you find any answers?” Those are tough questions. The short version: It went well. […]

Letting Go by Reading Up

Countless books and articles encourage moms to “let go” of completing household tasks perfectly and focus on making memories. That’s easy while we’re on vacation in between our doctor appointments.  No doing dishes or laundry?  Check. Posing with Disney characters?  Check.   Going to the zoo.  Check.   At home, it’s another story. I’m all […]

MSB {26}:  Pizza Edition!

We are in Cincinnati.  Well.  A suburb of Cincinnati.  Same difference.  David and Cee are down at the pool, and I have some quiet time to write and be a part of My Sunday Best.  It’s been so long since I’ve had the time to participate.  I miss blogging about books and Sunday antics and […]


We fly out early Sunday morning. I’ve done my best to be sing-song-y cheerful to Cee about it.  The food we’ll eat (chili fo’ sure!).  The places we’ll go (the 2nd oldest zoo in the country!).  The amount of books she’ll be able to read (a whole carry-on dedicated to books!).  The way Cee will […]

Anxiety, Faith, and the Outcome Spectrum Method


I have a weird approach to life’s obstacles.  I think about the best thing that could happen in any situation, and then also the worst case scenario.  Somehow it’s comforting to know that however things actually unfold, it will be somewhere on the spectrum of things I’ve already considered.  Maybe I could call it the Outcome […]

Accepting the Ugliness of Suffering

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  Be grateful for your trials, for they will become your greatest blessings. This message has been on display on a maker board in the hallway of the parish which hosts our homeschool co-op.   I’ve had to look at for several weeks now.  We have little chats, me and the marker board.  I walk […]