MSB 38: Beat-boxing and Generosity

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Mass was an event today.  It wasn’t so bad that I couldn’t even muster a recap like a few weeks ago, though.  So that’s a small victory.  Here’s a quick recap:

Moe did great while he was looking through one of the picture Bibles we bring to church.  That is, until he figured out how to punch-turn the pages, which resulted in a noise and movement level I didn’t know was possible in a book without batteries.  Since his two favorite things are noise and movement, he was quite proud of himself for discovering the best page turning method ever.  He wouldn’t stop, though, and I had to confiscate the book.

It all went downhill from there.

At one point, I noticed that my glasses had drop of water on the lenses. Where did that even come from?!?!  Probably I don’t want to know.

During one of the songs later, Moe decided to participate by what could kindly be described as beat-boxing, but more accurately as audibly swishing spit in time to the music.

All the kids grabbed “children’s bulletins” which contain wordsearches, crosswords, and the like based on the day’s readings, on the way into church.  Usually they grab them on our way OUT of church.  Moe generated all sorts of interesting sounds with this single piece of paper, until he gave up and started tearing it into bits.


Moe has a pair of lace up boots that he wears to church.  He loves to take off his boots, pull out the laces, and twirl them around like a lasso.  Creative, but not really church appropriate.  So today he untied his boots and started to pull out the laces.  David told him to stop, probably envisioning the soon-to-be lassoing.  I would have let Moe keep going with his real-life object Montessori sewing activity, though, because it ensured concentrated silence for at least a few minutes.  But it was halted.

At one point Moe asked how many songs were left and then proceeded to loudly whisper count down from 5 to 0 on his fingers over and over again.

And he got the hiccups.  Oddly enough, it wasn’t related to his weird spit beat-boxing from earlier.

We ended Mass glad to have stayed in the church for the whole service but sweaty for all the efforts.  We lingered in the pew, making sure Moe picked up all the little paper bits he generated with his bulletin ripping.  Hopefully we weren’t too distracting to the people around us.

In his homily, Father mentioned that we never regret generosity.  As I looked at my pewful of quasi-behaved children, I had to agree.  Is it hard?  Is it messy?  Does it give me gray hair?  Yes, yes, and yes.  But I don’t regret this way we’ve been called to be generous.  Even with mystery wet spots and shoes perpetually missing laces.


Dress and shoes from Lands’ End, and a gallery wall that is losing items to packing.  Baby steps!


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    I love that thought from your priest – it’s so true, we really never do regret generosity! Hmmm except maybe when we’re generous enough to let the kids grab bulletins they can rip to pieces during Mass 😂😂😂 Although that bought you precious minutes, so clearly it worked out!

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    Love it!! You never know some people may come back next week just to watch you all.

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    Love the big Sunday smiles! And staying the pew is a win, albeit an exhausting one!

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    Mic drop at the end, my friend! No, we will never regret being generous for God has been most generous to us!
    I will continue to pray for you and your family as you prepare to move.

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      Thank you! The move is getting more and more real…

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