MSB {30}: Song Count Mass Tip

My Sunday Best!  With Cee and Bea!


We wore blue in honor of Ascension Sunday.  The other kids shimmied out of their church clothes as soon as they got through the door, so they missed out on the group picture.


No one was awful enough to be taken out of Mass today!  Cee hasn’t been in much pain lately, and it’s been a relief to leave the wheelchair home.  That opens up our seating options at church.

“How many songs left?”  Moe asked several times.  He’s taken to getting through Mass with a countdown of songs.

The answer is tricky because sometimes we sing certain parts, sometimes we say them.  I just give my best guess, and so far that’s been good enough.

Although he had his moments (pews are not for chewing!), maybe we’ve finally left the tornado stage?!?!  Hopefully I didn’t jinx it.  We’ll see how next week goes…


In other news, we put a for sale sign in our front yard.   It’s official!  Well– sort of official.  We’re doing some painting this week, so we aren’t quite show-ready.  But the calls have been coming in.  Fortunately for us there isn’t a lot of local competition as far as real estate goes, so the odds are good we won’t have to be in selling mode for long.

It’s been quite the emotional roller coaster.  Some of us are handling it better than others.  There have been lots of tears shed during the past few weeks.  A few have even been from the kids.  Our offer has been accepted on the first house we looked at (does that mean we’re the house equivalent of engaged?!?!).  Yowza!  Congratulations to us!

So many good memories.  We hope to find someone who will love it as much as we have.  <3


Next week we’re set to get the house painted and decks stained.  After we get all the painting done, I’ll share more pictures.  As far as staging, should we hang our wreath on our house (in between the door and the window) instead?  Or is that weird?  It gets sort of lost on the dark door.  And instead of having the  four big pots in front of the deck, should we move two on either side of the garage door?  On the deck rail?

We think we’re going with the same neutral house color it is now.  It’s actually called “Incognito.”  Does it get more neutral than “Incognito?”  Good call?  Or should we do something drastic and trendy? We are terr-ee-blay at this.  Dear internet, please help us up our curb appeal.

Happy Ascension Sunday!


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    I love how you guys coordinate! And so glad Cee is feeling a little better ?

    I’m the WORST when it comes to curb appeal, but I think the wreath idea sounds good!

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    In my opinion (and, that’s all this is) – I’d add some bright color to the front! I can’t really see the pots in the picture… so, putting vibrant pinks, purples, blues in them, and putting two on the far side of the garage may work, if you keep the other two maybe in front of the deck (or on the deck)?

    Also, you definitely can put the wreath on the giant section of wall between the door and window! I think it’s a great idea!!

    Congratulations on being house-engaged. It is definitely a bittersweet time… be sure to go easy on yeach other, and yourself. ?

    Finally, I love the picture, and adore Cee’s skirt… I want it in my size! Such a great picture! ??

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    Yes, it is so good to see Cee and you all in this picture! Love that you all wore blue for today – that’s such a neat tie-in, but I would never think of something like that on my own. Will you clue me in for what color might be appropriate for the next major feast day or holy day? (That said, our pastor has already told us to wear red for Pentecost next Sunday – it seemed rather out of character for him to mention something like that until he explained that Pentecost is also our parish’s feast day, and we’re having a bit of a party after mass to celebrate. But I ramble.)
    And congratulations on your house-engagement! I can see God’s hand opening doors for you and the family, and I’m hopeful/happy for you all.

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    You all look pretty in your matching blue!
    Congratulations on the accepted offer. We have moved three times in our 21 years of marriage. It is always bittersweet. I think neutral is the way to go with paint colors. Pops of color are best for features that are easily changed, like the suggestion above about vibrant flowers.

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    Oh wow! Big news! You have a wonderful home and a view of wide open spaces that many a prairie born heart yearns for! Good luck with your showings when they begin! And if you need to be out of the house for an extended length of time you are welcome at mine! Can’t wait to hear more about the new house! Maybe I’ll go back and read that post about it again. Happy house readying!

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    Ha, for sale sign up here too. I think a wreath would look great on that wall, and two of the pots by the garage sounds like it would look good to me!

    I vote stick with Incognito; I always hear that neutrals are preferred when selling.

    Good luck!

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    My eldest asks the same thing — how many more songs, Mommy???

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