MSB {12}: Wheel Life

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Mass is a challenge with the wheelchair.  At our home parish, there’s not really anywhere to park a wheelchair that isn’t in the aisle, and there isn’t any place to be in the aisle that doesn’t block the flow of traffic at communion time.  We like to have Cee away from germs, not right under every cough that comes through the line.  Plus Bea is at an age where were are in and out with her throughout Mass, and it’s difficult  to escape around the wheelchair which plugs the pew.

Because of the time change, we were up early and attended Mass at a different parish.  A wise cartoon bunny once said, “If you can’t say something nice, don’t say nothin’ at all.”  That may be the best summary of our general Mass experience.


“I must also love the Church, no matter how she is when I encounter her.”

This quote by Jacob Boddicker, SJ in reflecting on his vocation brought me such peace today at Mass.

The Church brings me to the Eucharist.  Regardless of the details of the liturgy, I must always be grateful for the opportunity to be present at a valid and licit Mass.  Even if there is tambourine.   (Okay, okay, I’ll Thumper-up now.)

Reading The Screwtape Letters was helpful to me in overcoming liturgical smugness, but the idea that we are called to love the Church even when she isn’t at her most beautiful– that’s a game changer for me.

We went to Mass as a family, and that’s a wonderful thing.  Even if the details are a little fuzzy.


This is Cee’s Sunday best.  She’s stepping in for me this week because there wasn’t any photographic proof of my harried Mass attire.  It’s cheat-sy, but it’ll do.


You can find more of My Sunday Best over at Rosie’s.

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    Hey, sometimes it’s more fun to see what the kids wore 😉 I was sad I didn’t get a picture of Peter in his adorable sailboat sweater vest today!

    And yes, the liturgical smugness… major struggle of mine!!!

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      Thanks for not disqualifying me from participation! Next week, next week. 🙂

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    1. Your daughter’s outfit is super-cute!! I’d be all for an outfit like that in my size!

    2. That is an amazing quote by Jacob Boddicker, SJ. I need to write that down, or create some sort of picture with those words in the future. Very heavy thoughts come from that one simple sentence…!

    3. I need to remember “I’ll Thumper-Up now.” I’m a huge fan of that quote!

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      Definitely worth reading the full series at Under Thy Roof. He shared such beautiful thoughts comparing his vocation story to a traditional romance. <3

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    Your daughter is adorable! Sometimes (often) I think kids clothes are so much cuter than mine!

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      Right?!?! There have been so many times I thought, “I wish I could have a t-shirt with watermelon popsicles or rainbows on it, too!” But maybe that’s because I’m really like 7 deep down. 🙂

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    I’ve struggled a bit with putting aside the earthly hurdles to loving the church, too. Love the dress! My daughter is always better dressed than I am.

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      It’s real challenge sometimes. (The church part, not the clothes part.)

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    Jacob will be happy to know that resonated with you! I should make re-reading the Screwtape Letters a regular event every year or two. I feel like I always come away with something different that I have needed to address but have been (often willfully) blind to it.

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