Library Love {9}: Jan Brett, A Chicken Dog, and Our First Fine

Welcome back to the library haul link up!  

Here are some of the winners from our library basket from the last few weeks.  (Although the goal is to suggest materials for your family’s next library trip, if you happen to order something using these Amazon links, we receive a small commission at no cost to you!  Thanks!)


Trouble with Trolls was one of our favorites.

The beautiful illustrations of Jan Brett + snow + a resourceful and smart protagonist + mischievous trolls = a perfect story for winter.







I don’t throw around “adorbs” very often, but this book is adorbs.  A girl decides to claim one of the family chickens as a pet dog when her parents tell her they can’t afford one.  The kids loved reading about the adventures of Lula Mae and Pookie in my dog’s a chicken.




I only read this one once.  Because Bea and Moe destroyed it.  It was a brand new library book.  And now it is not.

Moe spilled water on it.  Bea ripped out a page.  We paid the big moneys for it in fines.

I am shamed.  It was a cute story.  Check it out.  Keep it from the baby, though.



I was hesitant to dive into the Paddington books because I felt like we already had our fill of lovable, bumbling bears in Corduroy and Pooh.  Paddington keeps appearing on All the Booklists, though, so we gave him a shot.

Turns out there’s room in the humorous bear story genre!  We listened and re-listened to several Paddington audiobooks, watched the new movie (meh), and an old (semi-animated) version.




The kids probably enjoyed the new version more because it was flashy and exciting, but I preferred the version from 1983(?) in which Paddington is a stop-animation bear and everything else is a cartoon picture that moves slightly.  Super simplistic.  We watched it through hoopla, so if your library offers that service, you can find a couple episodes there.





David and I have been using the library for date-night-in movies.  These are some that have been winners:


All of them are sort of heavy in their own way, and they aren’t typical rom-coms by any stretch.  Maybe that’s what date night looks like after 10 years of marriage?  Societal commentary and Maggie Smith?


Do you have any library treasures to share?  Comment below with your list or a link to your list (be sure to put a link back here in your post!) 



PS– I’m going to try something new for Tuesdays.  This week is a library link up.  Next Tuesday will be a JEI link up.  We’ll keep switching back and forth.  That way I can enjoy All the Linkups without going crazy.  Ta da!  

The Zelie Group is adopting a new month-long thematic linkup instead of Just Enough Info, but we can keep JEI going here every other Tuesday.  Don’t worry, it will be easy peasy. I hope you’ll participate in all the everything, too!   🙂


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    I love the looks of the Squiggly Story…and your comments about it …you crack me up!

    1. // Reply

      Ugh. What makes a 3 year old think, “Hey! Dumping water on this library book sounds like a great idea!” :S

  2. // Reply

    I’m hoping we link up with the Library Haul at some point in the not-too-distant future! Currently, we have nothing out, simply because Baby was too sick to spend time there when we returned books last week.

    And, I’m hoping to keep up with your JEI – since I already have a category, I might as well keep it!

    Looking forward to seeing if our library has a decent selection of your recommended books…

  3. // Reply

    YES, there is room for Paddintgon! Paddington is probably the best of all. Later I discovered “Olga de Polga,” which is the darling story of a hedgehog written by Michael Bond. I am really quite surprised it hasn’t received the same fame, it is that good.

    Once we destroyed a library book (toddler + pen) and when I walked it in to the librarian asking to pay for its replacement, she was falling all over herself with gratitude. She said that people just return them without saying anything, trying to get out of a fine, and she was so grateful.

    “Still Alice” has been on my list to watch for sometime. Was it worthwhile?

    1. // Reply

      I liked “Still Alice” for the discussion it sparked between David and me. Our society is very pro “death with dignity,” which is just a euphemism for assisted suicide. David didn’t care for how the movie tried to play on the emotions of the audience to drum up support for an immoral action subconsciously. I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone who doesn’t already have a formed conscience in regards to life issues.

  4. // Reply

    I loved Paddington Bear when I was a kid. We enjoyed many of Jan Brett’s books, too. I posted my Library Haul. Drop in and check it out.

  5. // Reply

    Haha! Social commentary and Maggie Smith sounds like my kind of date night too! I’ll have to show Kyle these recommendations. We used to frequent the library for movies and audio books, but we’ve gotten out of the habit thanks to Hulu and Netflix. But I swear we spend more time scrolling through the options than we do actually watching the programs. Maybe it’s time to take a date night trip to the library!

    <3 Liz

    P.S. Brooklyn is one of our favorite movies and love stories at the moment. We've watched it three or four times since seeing it at the theater!

    1. // Reply

      Yes! We watched Brooklyn and enjoyed it as well. And NOT just because the costumes were so beautiful. 🙂

  6. // Reply

    Ooh that Jane Eyre is one of my faves!! I’m gonna have to see if our library has Ladies in Lavender because I love me some Maggie Smith. Thanks for sharing and what a bummer about the library book death, yikes!

    1. // Reply

      Maggie Smith is so good! I love how believable she is in whatever role she’s playing.

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    I just recently learned about Jan Brett! Her illustrations are amazing. I’ll look for this one the next time we’re at the library.

    Here were some books I found this week:

    And yay for Hoopla too! Our library has it as well and it’s been awesome… except for when we get the message that the *library’s* lending limit has been reached for the day and so *we* can’t check anything out! It was such a pain to see that so often! But then our librarian told us a trick: the library’s limit gets reset at 5pm, so now I do all my Hoopla checkouts then and I haven’t seen the message since. (Hopefully no one else at my library learns this trick! 😉 )

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