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When Christina from a gentle mother asked if I’d be willing to take over setting up the Tuesday Library Haul link up, I was beyond excited.  From attending Story Hour at the library as a child to working as a library aide during high school and college, I love all things biblioteca.

Although the home is different, the gist is the same:  comment or link up with the best books (or other materials!) from your library haul this week.  The only slight adjustment is that we’ll be using the comments to share links instead of a fancy linkup service.   The comment way isn’t as pretty, but it will still work just fine.

Treasures From Our Checkout Pile

How hard is it to keep Cee in books?!?!  Since she’s been flaring this month she is playing less and reading more.  We brought home a few books from The Littles series, and she enjoyed them.  We read one out loud as a family, and all the kids were enthralled by the idea of little people (with tails!) living amongst regular people.  A+ classic literature?  Nope.  But they are wholesome with an emphasis on family.

I put a few more on hold at the library for next week.




How can I describe A Second is a Hiccup: A Child’s Book of Time?  
Handful of words on a page?  Check
Rhymes?  Check
An abstract concept made easier for kids to understand?  Check

Even my older girls seemed to appreciate the different ways to think about time.  A week is really “seven wake-ups, seven sleeps.”




Hey?  Those qualities above?  Thankful can check them all off as well!

Everyone has something for which to be thankful in this simple book by Eileen Spinelli.







This is the current book for the Well Read Mom group I joined.   It’s thick, so I was concerned about being able to steal enough time to read it before 1. It’s due back at the library and 2. Our group meets.

I’m only a little into it, but it is worth recommending so far.

If you have read this book, do not tell me how it ends.  It will crush my hopes and dreams if I find out the characters I love die or do dumb stuff before it comes up organically.




Do you have any library treasures to share?  I’m always working on putting a batch on hold for next week! ? 


Comment below with your list or a link to your list for the week (be sure to put a link back here in your post!) 

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PS– Although the goal is to suggest books for your family’s next library trip, if you happen to order something using these Amazon links, we receive a small commission at no cost to you!  Thanks!


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    A book that Claire really liked at that age was by Melissa Wiley, called the Prairie Thief. It is a chapter book we did as a read aloud. It was really cute.

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      Thanks for getting things started. 🙂

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      I added some suggestions. Thanks for linking up! 🙂

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    Oh! I love the books “Thankful” and “All the Light We Cannot See”! I reviewed “Thankful” last year and I read it to my oldest (3 yrs old) at least once a week before bed and on a personal note I’m a huge fan of WWII fiction so “All the Light We Cannot See” is at the top of my favorites list. If you’re looking for a great children’s book with faith-based principals, “Only God Can Make a Kitten” by rhonda gowler green is wonderful too!

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      Unfortunately it doesn’t look like our library has “Only God Can Make a Kitten,” but it did have a few other books by the same author. I put a couple on hold. Thanks for the recommendation! 🙂

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    Happy to join the linkup with you! I love your suggestion about “A Second is a Hiccup”. In some ways, I think my daughter understands time, but then she goes and says things like “This Saturday I’ll be 5!” I guess because all last week we were saying, “On Saturday, you’ll be 4!” so maybe now every Saturday is her birthday??? 😀

    Thankful looks really good too and would fit in with our books:

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      Yeah! I’m excited to check out your list later today. Thanks for linking up! 🙂

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    We just read Thankful – what a sweet book. My 4 year old definitely needs the time book – cousins are coming for Thanksgiving and every 5 minutes he asks is it tomorrow yet? is it Thanksgiving yet?

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      Time is so hard! Especially when it involves waiting. 🙂

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