Library Love {10}

Welcome back to the library haul link up!  

Here are some of the winners from our library basket from the last few weeks.  (Although the goal is to suggest materials for your family’s next library trip, if you happen to order something using these Amazon links, we receive a small commission at no cost to you!  Thanks!)


Cee had read one of the books from the 26 Fairmount Avenue books before, so I was excited when I saw that our library offered the series as an audiobook.  It’s read by Tomie DePaola himself!  *The* Tomie DePaola!

Tomie grew up in a Catholic family, and I appreciate the way that Catholicism is woven throughout the story in a very natural way.  We listened to the 4 books included in this set several times as a family.




My kids are always losing mittens, and The Missing Mitten Mystery explores the cute ways those mittens might be put to use.

Now if only Steven Kellogg would find all the missing socks…







Who’s that Knocking on Christmas Eve? is one of Jan Brett’s troll stories.  Although it’s set on Christmas Eve, there really isn’t anything Christmas-y about it, making it another great winter read.

At one point in the story a troll says, “Have a little sausage, Kitty!”  I made the mistake of using a high, squeaky British accent to voice the trolls, and it’s become a new family catchphrase.

I love when books become part of our family culture.




When Angela posted that she was starting The Magnolia Story, I added it to my to-read list as well.  My reading/watching lists are pretty peer-pressure based.  I don’t want to sink a bunch of time into something duddy, so I’m grateful for recommendations.

I put  this book on hold at The Big Far Away Library.  I was #52 on the holds list.  This Saturday I went to The Little Close Library.  (We’ve got dual citizenship.)  Sitting on the new book display– there it was.  “The Magnolia Story.”  No holds list.  Sweet!  There are perks to dual citizenship, for sure.

It’s an easy read, and it makes me want to watch their show.  Anyone know where I can watch Fixer Upper for free?  Turns out Chip and Jo don’t have a TV either.  So we’re practically best friends now, me, the Gaineses, and shiplap.


Do you have any library treasures to share?  Comment below with your list or a link to your list (be sure to put a link back here in your post!) 



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    I love your book recommendations! Thanks for them.
    I also love Chip and Joanna Gaines, but I, too, belong to the no tv club. I can catch some of them on HGTV webpage, but it would be nice to know if you could watch full episodes somewhere. Maybe we need to find a friend with tv and make it a moms night out. Lol.

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    I love how your reading list is pretty much “peer pressure based” – that is typically how I work as it comes to novels.

    I was excited to do a library run last week! While we’ve read through most of the stories, I haven’t yet drafted a post.

    I absolutely LOVE when sometimes, the reader we present in the story, becomes kind of a “family joke.” I am notorious for giving males a feminine voice (think, high-pitched, unmistakable female voice), or giving females, masculine voices (the deep, gruff voices). Then, I have to go back and re-read the entire sentence! And, books where I find myself doing that over and over again? They never get read a second time! Haha!

    1. // Reply

      I’d probably classify it the same as the Beverly Cleary books as far as humor, if that helps you decide if your 4 year old would enjoy it or not. My girls would have when they were 4, but my 3 year old boy didn’t care one way or another.

      I’m excited to check out your list! We just returned “Du Is Tak?” after your recommendation last time. It was so unique! 🙂

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