Eating Well


Paleo-ish.  I think I’d classify our family as paleo-ish as far as food goes.  We’ve gone round and round with Cee’s diet since her diagnosis.  Beans in?  Beans out.  Milk in?  Milk out.  Fruit out?  Fruit in.  Cinnamon good?  Cinnamon bad.   No one has anything definitive on foods that can help beat juvenile arthritis.

One “nutritionist” practically promised us that she could cure arthritis (I know, I know, that should have been a clue) early on in our battle.  Said that she had helped 100s of kids stay off of medications.  So we paid her some fees, followed her plans, and gave up after a couple months with no results.   Since that very strict diet, we’ve continued some degree of strictness.  We try to eat as unprocessed as possible.

We bought a buffalo (a buffalo!) from a local farmer, which means we’ve eaten a whole buffalo.  We have a garden.  We stay away from the middle of the grocery store.  It’s a challenge to cook within our self-imposed guidelines, but we’ve noticed that Cee occasionally has pain the day after we let her indulge in something sugary.  I guess that keeps us motivated.Garden Bounty

Other than a tiny bit of maple syrup, honey, or whole fruit, she doesn’t have anything sweet ever.

We work hard to make sure our kids eat well.  Unfortunately my kids do not respond to all the “tricks” in the magazines like serving slices of raw bell pepper with hummus for dipping.  Or cutting cucumbers into shapes with little cookie cutters.  “Pah-lease, Mom.  You can do better than that,” their unimpressed looks say.

Here are some of our whole foods victories:

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