Dia & Co. Review: November 2016

I feel like I’ve been through it all in my relationship with Dia & Co.  

My first box was like a great first date.

Then with Box #2 we had our first fight.  It’s like Dia & Co. wasn’t even listening to me.

I decided to talk about my needs, and we worked out our problems with Box #3.

Since someone used my link to order their first Dia Box, I received credit to try it again!


I’m going to be honest– if I hadn’t received the credit, I wouldn’t have tried it again.

Here’s why I wouldn’t have tried it again without the credit:  I’m on a budget, and with the Dia Boxes, there *is* some risk.  It’s possible to not find anything that works.  The lowest price option ($40-$70 per piece) is still pretty a lot expensive for me.  Now that I have a pair of dress pants and jeans, I’m kind of set.  I like the idea of a capsule wardrobe with a few pieces I love.

Dia & Co. helped me find a few pieces that I really like.  The $20 styling fee applies to anything kept from the box, but that $20 disappears if nothing is kept.  I can’t deal with that risk.

If I wasn’t on a budget, though, here’s why I would continue to use it:  I hate shopping.  I hate walking into a store and not finding a single item that feels like me AND fits.  I’m not adventurous, and Dia Boxes sometimes include items I wouldn’t have given a second glance.  But in the safety of my own house, with my own clothes to mix and match with– it’s fun to try adventurous pieces.

Finally, I’ve dealt with the customer service departments of many companies.  Dia & Co. has the best customer service of any other company with which I’ve worked.  Seriously.  Contacting them is easy, and they are kind and understanding.  Every problem I’ve ever had?  Handled impeccably.  That’s the kind of company with which I want to do business.

So…that brings you up to speed with my honest relationship with Dia & Co.  Here’s the latest box!


Eloquii / Audrey Party Skirt / Black

This is a tulle skirt!  It was feminine.  It was fun.  It fit beautifully.  Unfortunately I don’t have anywhere I would ever wear it, so back it went.






Oddi / Towne Knit Top / Navy

This casual top had floral (which I love) and short sleeves.  Unfortunately wearing it with a cardigan would mean my favorite part was covered.  Although I enjoyed this top, it wasn’t perfect, so I sent it back.




Eloquii / Cherie Twist Neck Top / Emerald

Glamity glam– this top looked awesome with the tulle skirt.  Maybe someday I’ll be brave enough to show the clothes actually on me, but not yet.  Although the color was beautiful, once again I didn’t have a need for a piece like this in my closet.




Emerald / Christy Cardigan / Charcoal

Growing up long cardigans like this were called “dusters.”  I’m not sure if that’s a term that’s used nowadays, but I’m not really in the market for a gray duster.  I’ve informally looked through the “Dressing Your Truth” fashion guide and realized I’m happiest when wearing bright, cheerful colors.  (It’s sort of new-age-y, so I don’t necessarily recommend it.  Some of the ideas did help me develop my style though.)




Emerald / Alonza Top / Multi/Red

Winner!  This is exactly the sort of floral pattern I like.  It’s a tunic and 3/4 sleeves– both of which are characteristics I appreciate.  I kept this one and have worn it several times already.  One of the styling suggestions was this top with the tulle skirt worn over top.  It was adorable, but I’ll stick to it with my jeans.



I’m grateful for my Dia Box experiences.  They helped me develop my personal style and focus on creating a wardrobe that fits, while exposing me to items outside my box (hello tulle!).  I didn’t dislike any of the pieces in my box, but I do have to be honest with myself about what I actually need and will wear.  With this box, that’s the floral tunic, which I was able to keep thanks to the credit I received from someone using my link to try Dia & Co.  Thanks!  <3




If you try Dia & Co. using the links on this page, I receive credit toward another purchase.  This is a big luxury for me, so thanks!  If you do choose to try it, I’d love to hear about it.

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    Yay, glad you kept that last top! And that tulle skirt-so, so pretty. I know what you mean, though, about clothing items you can’t think of a use for.
    I enjoy reading your reviews! 🙂

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