Dia & Co: My Fifth Review

Thanks to someone using my affiliate link for their first Dia Box, I had enough credit to try this service again!  (I won’t go rehash all the details, but you can visit my first review for all the specifics.)

My fifth time posting the results is the first in which I’ve been brave enough to wear the items for pictures instead of spreading them on the floor.  A big step!





-1-  B. Curvy / Collette Knit Top / Charcoal 


-2-  Society + / Maude Waist Belt / Black/Silver

I like this top a lot!  It paired perfectly with my Lularoe leggings.  Unfortunately the material of the top seemed like it would start pilling after one day of wearing.

The belt was elastic with a big silver rectangle.  Although I liked what it did for me, it was a little too modern.

Furthermore with both these pieces, it seemed like the price was much higher than I’d be willing to pay.

The star of this outfit is definitely the leggings.  Just saying.  <3







-3- Kut From the Cloth / Peyton Denim Jacket / Blue


Super dud.

I asked for a denim jacket.  Aside from being too big, it had distressing.  Doesn’t it look a little like I got hit by a pigeon passing by?!?!  There was more pigeon love on the back.

It seems a little ridiculous to spend energy keeping Moe from sneaking off with a scissors to snip his shirts and pants, yet purchase clothes for myself with holes already in them.












-4- Jessica Simpson / Terri Blouse / Red/White

Although this tunic was soft and comfortable, it sparked the following:

David:  Ooh!  I like this one.
Alicia:  Yeah.  Me too.
David:  So are you going to keep it?
Alicia:  I like it…but I don’t $69.50 like it.
David:  Good call.

I thought it looked best with the belt, but I’m starting a belt phase, so I’m prone to over-belting.









-5-  Marybelle / Noeli V Neck Blouse / Navy

Shades of blue are my favorite to wear these days, so I loved the navy in this top.  The fabric is breezy and will transition to spring well.

The front had some odd-ish ruching going on, but since I had the credit I opted to keep this one since I liked it best out of all the others.











-6-  Done with Dia?

When I was first trying to figure out my style, I appreciated the fun and freedom of receiving a Dia & Co. box.  Several people used my affiliate link (thanks!), which made it possible for me to try the styling service a handful of times.  But without further credit, I probably won’t try it again.

Between Lularoe and Lands’ End my closet is pretty complete.

Here’s what I wore today:  an Irma Lularoe tunic with a belt, leggings, and shoes all from  Lands’ End.  The Irma is a hi-lo tunic with a scoop neck.  I wore it backwards so the longer part was in the front, and there’s more of a boat neck.  My behind was still covered in the back, and I felt more comfortable leaving the house with the front hem a little lower.

The playfulness of Lularoe is part of its appeal–  Size up and turn a tunic to a dress.  Wear a piece backwards to change the look.  Add a knot to adjust the length of a piece.  Use a hairtie to create a starburst affect.

I love Lularoe so much that I’m hosting an online popup Monday, February 27th @7pm CST.  All are welcome!   There will be a leggings giveaway to one of the attendees, and since it’s a small group the odds are in your favor!  Join the Facebook group to get the details.


-7-  Prayers

Cee has an MRI scheduled for today.  We are worried about what the results will show, and any prayers are much appreciated.  David and I have spent the last couple weeks in a worry funk about what this next chapter holds…
Fortunately the kids are oblivious, and Cee is brick.  I appreciate the distraction of the Lularoe excitement; I’m looking forward to picking out a few new dresses for the girls Monday night.  We want to try a “buy-nothing Lent,” where (besides groceries and gas) we try not to buy anything.  That means the Lularoe party is sort of a Fat Tuesday.  On Monday.

Who knows how long it will take to receive the MRI results, so thanks for your prayers…







Thanks for using affiliate links!  Check out more quick takes here.




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    You are so funny! I love, love, love that Irma on you. I have one and never would have thought about wearing it backwards.

    Sorry about Dia. I feel like these styling services are kind of a racket ?

  2. // Reply

    Super adore the LLR look, and am looking forward to joining your online party – although, at this rate, I will probably not be joining right as things go live! But, I’m going to try… ? Problem is, I’m not entirely sure what I am looking for, which creates confusion and delay in my brain…

    Also, I, too, am prone to over-belting. But, rest assured – you pull the belt look off awesomely!

    I chuckled at the “I liked it, just not at the price they were asking” – I recently said the same thing about something just a week or so ago.

    I am toying with a buy nothing Lent, but know at some point we need to get Easter outfits for the kids – but, they are both hitting growth spurts, so I don’t want to buy them too far out, until I know legs will fit in pants and bodies will fit in dresses… ?

    Lastly – praying for you all today! ?

  3. // Reply

    The Noeli V Neck blouse is my favorite too, and I like your new belting phase. The pigeon jacket is just weird.

    1. // Reply

      Right? As someone who has experienced the trauma of being targeted by a bird, I don’t really want to be reminded of it. 🙂

  4. // Reply

    The plaid was cute! But even trav doesn’t pay that much for his plaid shirts! I’ve never turned my Irma around. Interesting concept….

    1. // Reply

      Oh, the things you can do with all your Lularoo. (Okay, okay… I know it’s “roe,” but it rhymes better this way.)

  5. // Reply

    Prayers offered! Will be thinking of you.
    Oddly, I just won a credit to a friend’s LLR shop. I’m thinking I’d like to get a dress… What was the style you said you liked best?

    1. // Reply

      Congratulations on your credit!!! I like the structure and shape of the Amelia (with pleats and pockets!) for my shape, but the more flowy Nicole would look great on you, too! The Carly is a more casual high-low dress that seems to look nice on everyone. Unless your credit expires, my advice would be to wait until you see a print or fabric that you really like and choose the dress based on that.

      1. // Reply

        Ooo… good point. Thanks for the suggestions! 🙂

  6. // Reply

    Oh, that jacket! What a bummer! I love a denim jacket, but so many plus size brands fit me the way that one fits you. I definitely look to maurices for a cropped, more fitted look. I do like the floral blouse you kept. I think it has lots of styling potential for spring. I’d tuck it into a lighter colored skirt to let the print really pop. It’d be pretty with straight leg jeans and ballet flats, too! Thanks for sharing your Dia pieces, duds and all!

    <3 Liz

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