Moving and MRIs

Cee’s rheumatologist advised that she get an MRI every six months in order to monitor the activity in her hips. (In case you missed her last MRI results from this spring, here’s the gist.) l can’t remember if that makes Wednesday her fifth or sixth MRI.  David called from the hospital at about the time […]

Poor Prognosis

Last July, Cincinnati Children’s Hospital hosted a SJIA festival.  Families traveled from around the country to network and attend educational sessions.  Since we had just been there in April, it seemed sort of silly to travel all the way back a few months later, but I was disappointed at the missed opportunity. We have only […]

The Doctor Dating Game

    David and I value loyalty, and whether or not it’s misguided, we feel some loyalty to the pediatric rheumatologist who diagnosed and has been treating Cee.  But he’s basically said that there isn’t anything else that he can offer.  When I messaged his nurse to say we were looking at our options as […]

Of Shots, Truth, and Worry

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    The other night, David gave Cee her Methotrexate shot right before bed.  Methotrexate is a chemotherapy drug that is used for SJIA because it shuts down the immune system.  Cee’s immune system is superhuman; it’s so powerful that it even attacks things that aren’t germs.  Like her joints.   Cee’s Methotrexate often makes […]

Chasing Queen Frostine

    We had a phone conference with the rheumatologist in Cincinnati. He is reasonably certain that Cee does have SJIA. He is reasonably certain that her disease is not currently active. He has no explanation for her idiopathic chondrolysis of the hip.   (“Idiopathic chondrolysis” is the fancy way of saying “inexplicable disappearance of […]

A House Hot Mess


  We’ve been seriously looking at zero-entry, handicap accessible houses. I’ve started de-cluttering and cleaning and organizing in order to get our house ready to show.  ‘Cause we can’t buy a house until we offload this one. So it’s serious.  Scrub-the-shower-and-put-the-extra-towels-away serious. Do we need to move today? Nope.  Our house fits us. But we don’t […]

A Mulan Unit Study and a Call from Cincinnati

A Mulan Unit Study (The Cincinnati scoop is down below, in case you want to skip the cheerful toddler pics.)   This afternoon I noticed that Bea was sporting lavender eye shadow, which is particularly noteworthy because she is only a year and a half, and I don’t own any eye shadow. Putting two and […]

Day Two of New Possibilities

I woke up this morning in a tizzy and asked David to talk me down. “This is just day two of new possibilities,” he soothed. New possibilities. That’s both an exaggeration and an understatement. We’ve been keeping our ears to the ground for handicap accessible houses for years.  When Cee would have a flare, we’d […]

The Meat and Potatoes of Cincinnati


If the fifty degree difference between Cincinnati and home wasn’t enough to jerk us back to reality, the giant piles of laundry from the suitcase was. We are home. “How did it go?” our dear friends and family will ask.  “Did you find any answers?” Those are tough questions. The short version: It went well. […]


We fly out early Sunday morning. I’ve done my best to be sing-song-y cheerful to Cee about it.  The food we’ll eat (chili fo’ sure!).  The places we’ll go (the 2nd oldest zoo in the country!).  The amount of books she’ll be able to read (a whole carry-on dedicated to books!).  The way Cee will […]