The Meat and Potatoes of Cincinnati


If the fifty degree difference between Cincinnati and home wasn’t enough to jerk us back to reality, the giant piles of laundry from the suitcase was. We are home. “How did it go?” our dear friends and family will ask.  “Did you find any answers?” Those are tough questions. The short version: It went well. […]


We fly out early Sunday morning. I’ve done my best to be sing-song-y cheerful to Cee about it.  The food we’ll eat (chili fo’ sure!).  The places we’ll go (the 2nd oldest zoo in the country!).  The amount of books she’ll be able to read (a whole carry-on dedicated to books!).  The way Cee will […]

Anxiety, Faith, and the Outcome Spectrum Method


I have a weird approach to life’s obstacles.  I think about the best thing that could happen in any situation, and then also the worst case scenario.  Somehow it’s comforting to know that however things actually unfold, it will be somewhere on the spectrum of things I’ve already considered.  Maybe I could call it the Outcome […]

Accepting the Ugliness of Suffering

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  Be grateful for your trials, for they will become your greatest blessings. This message has been on display on a maker board in the hallway of the parish which hosts our homeschool co-op.   I’ve had to look at for several weeks now.  We have little chats, me and the marker board.  I walk […]

Flipper Floppers: With Bonus Conversation Guide

  Yesterday we painted.  We read.  We watched some Mystery Science.  We went to the clinic to have Cee’s monitoring bloodwork done.  We went to the zoo.  We made peanut butter shakes. It was a normal day.  It was okay. It’s okay. We get through the days, pretending to do school, eating vegetables, and making […]

Hope for Crushed Cans

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        “What do you hope to get from Cincinnati?” several people have asked about our intent to see a specialist for our 8 year old daughter, Cee. I’m not sure how to respond.  A drug trial?  Earlier options for hip replacement?  In truth, I’m not sure I’m interested in either option.  The […]

A Date for Cincinnati

A Scheduler from Cincinnati Children’s Hospital called to set up an appointment for the end of April for Cee to see The Guy in SJIA. We can now start trying to plan and organize and scurry and make it work, so it’s a bit of a relief to have the date finalized.   But–   […]



Okay.  So.  Let’s recap. Cee’s arthritis is eating away at her joints, and the only straws left to grasp at are in Cincinnati at the children’s hospital there.  Their office will call us randomly in the future to let us know when we’re in.  Then we will rearrange everything in life in order to make […]

With Sympathy and Awe

  Here’s the latest chapter in our SJIA saga.  (It seems to have fallen out of fashion to call it “SOJIA.”  Now it’s just “SJIA.”  Like the teenager who wants to be called “Tom” instead of “Tommy,” I’ll try to accommodate the new name…but he’ll always be “Tommy” in my heart.) We ended up doing […]

MSB {24}:  Temptation: Jesus-Style

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Thanks for hosting, Rosie! Me: David, will you grab the camera for My Sunday Best? David:  Could I take a picture with you? Me:  Okay…but who is going to take the picture? Various Kids:  Me!  I’ll do it!  I want to take a picture! We let them take turns.  This was the best shot.  Poor, […]