Fluffy Fashion

MSB {34}:  In or Out?  The Big Mass Question


  I got a new dress for My Sunday Best this week!  Lands’ End offers new prints and colors of their fit and flare dress every year, but I refuse to pay full price.  I watch their website like a hawk, waiting to add a new dress to my rotation if they offer the perfect storm […]

MSB {30}: Song Count Mass Tip

My Sunday Best!  With Cee and Bea!   We wore blue in honor of Ascension Sunday.  The other kids shimmied out of their church clothes as soon as they got through the door, so they missed out on the group picture.   No one was awful enough to be taken out of Mass today!  Cee hasn’t […]

MSB {23}: Why are you anxious about clothes?

Here’s my Mass outfit this week: Top:  Lularoe Perfect T Skirt:  Lularoe Maxi Sweater, shoes, belt: Lands’ End I love me some Lularoe.  I’m actually having on online popup (browse from home!) on Monday, February 27th at 7pm CST.  I’d love for you to join!  You can read more in my post Escaping the Dreaded Mom […]

Dia & Co:  My Fifth Review

Thanks to someone using my affiliate link for their first Dia Box, I had enough credit to try this service again!  (I won’t go rehash all the details, but you can visit my first review for all the specifics.) My fifth time posting the results is the first in which I’ve been brave enough to wear the […]

Escaping the Dreaded Mom Style Rut

From my earlier post, My Style Journey: From high school on, I developed the mentality that it’s not what on the outside that counts.  I can rock inside stuff like being kind and helpful, but I can’t rock the outside stuff.  So I’ve pretty much given up trying any harder than “presentable.”  Clothes were designed to […]

MSB {22}:  On Gawking and Wayward Ducklings

Oh, man. We were due.  We’ve had a lot of so-so or fine Mass experiences lately.  So we were due for a whopper. But first– the picture.  This is my Sunday best from last week, because I didn’t get around to posting then.  It works out great because this week I didn’t get around to posing. […]

MSB {21}: Ugh.  The Beatitudes


I took the oldest two to Mass today, so I was able to hear the whole homily.  The wheelchair accessible pew was even open.  Yay! I tried something new for My Sunday Best.  I’ve been watching a lot of Hilary Rushford from Dean Street Society, and one of her tips is shopping your closet for […]

MSB {20}:  Adventures of Captain Surly and The Nanny Duck

My (Saturday Night) Sunday Best! We visited another parish this week for Mass on Saturday night, and Moe fell asleep on the 40ish minute drive there.  That meant he was still waking up during most of Mass.  He wakes up hard.  And slowly.  So although he looked surly, he was quiet and still for almost […]

MSB {19}:  Transition-y Decor

  This is me.  In my Sunday best.  The shirt is from Lands’ End.  The pants are from a magical Dia Box. Now that that’s out of the way, we can get on to the real stuffs.     We got a new hand-me-down couch that didn’t really flow with our current gallery wall, and […]