Letting Go by Reading Up

Countless books and articles encourage moms to “let go” of completing household tasks perfectly and focus on making memories. That’s easy while we’re on vacation in between our doctor appointments.  No doing dishes or laundry?  Check. Posing with Disney characters?  Check.   Going to the zoo.  Check.   At home, it’s another story. I’m all […]

R-o-c-k-i-n-g Motherhood

This post has been languishing in my drafts for over a month.  In that time, our lives have been turned upside down with Cee’s latest round of results.  I contemplated scrapping the whole post, but keep coming back to how helpful thinking this through has been for me.  I share it now in the hopes […]



Okay.  So.  Let’s recap. Cee’s arthritis is eating away at her joints, and the only straws left to grasp at are in Cincinnati at the children’s hospital there.  Their office will call us randomly in the future to let us know when we’re in.  Then we will rearrange everything in life in order to make […]

Sacrifice and the Dying/Losing Conundrum

Today I’m over at Everyday Ediths talking about this month’s theme:  sacrifice.  (Not the weird goat kind, the daily mom kind.) This picture is an oldie, but it fits my thoughts on sacrifice perfectly.  You’ll have to head over to Everyday Ediths to check it out.  🙂   We’re off to Mayo with a trunk […]

The Lenten Luck of a Serious Diagnosis

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Between waiting for calls, taking calls, sending messages, checking for responses, and general stewing our Tuesday was pretty much consumed by a black cloud of bleh. Not sure what I mean?  Let me bring you up to speed. Cee had an MRI on Friday, and the results aren’t great.  The aren’t even good.  Or so-so. […]

MSB {23}: Why are you anxious about clothes?

Here’s my Mass outfit this week: Top:  Lularoe Perfect T Skirt:  Lularoe Maxi Sweater, shoes, belt: Lands’ End I love me some Lularoe.  I’m actually having on online popup (browse from home!) on Monday, February 27th at 7pm CST.  I’d love for you to join!  You can read more in my post Escaping the Dreaded Mom […]

Dia & Co:  My Fifth Review

Thanks to someone using my affiliate link for their first Dia Box, I had enough credit to try this service again!  (I won’t go rehash all the details, but you can visit my first review for all the specifics.) My fifth time posting the results is the first in which I’ve been brave enough to wear the […]

Escaping the Dreaded Mom Style Rut

From my earlier post, My Style Journey: From high school on, I developed the mentality that it’s not what on the outside that counts.  I can rock inside stuff like being kind and helpful, but I can’t rock the outside stuff.  So I’ve pretty much given up trying any harder than “presentable.”  Clothes were designed to […]

SQT:  Friday Funnies

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7 Quick Friday Funnies   It’s been a topsy-turvy week of getting behinder and behinder with another trip to Mayo, getting my stitches out, and swim therapy.  So here are some quick funnies from life with the kiddos.       1.  Some questions are best left unanswered. Me:  (working in the kitchen, noticing the Bea […]

I am Monet:  Exhaustion and Doubt in Motherhood

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    Today we did another up-and-back to Mayo for Cee.  That makes two trips in eight days.  We returned home with more questions than answers and an MRI to get scheduled.  David and I are exhausted in every sense of the word.  It’s hard.  It’s really hard. Given all this, when I read a […]