MSB 38:  Beat-boxing and Generosity

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Mass was an event today.  It wasn’t so bad that I couldn’t even muster a recap like a few weeks ago, though.  So that’s a small victory.  Here’s a quick recap: Moe did great while he was looking through one of the picture Bibles we bring to church.  That is, until he figured out how […]

SQT:  Apples, a Tattoo, and Babyness


Right now my living room is a disaster.  I’ve got three loads of clean-but-piled-up laundry all over the couch, and there are legos and books all over the floor.  The biggest factor in my meal planning is which pan is clean.  With eating all three meals at home, seven days a week, we go through […]

Locked Out

Moe got mad today while the kids and I were outside doing yard work this afternoon.  Naturally, he went into the house and locked all the doors before coming out himself. Life tip:  If you’re going to seek vengeance on your family by locking them out of the house, have the good sense to stay […]

Popcorn and Cardboard


I’ve felt nervous about announcing our pregnancy.  We are over-the-moon excited!  And no, it wasn’t a surprise (sooooo weird to be asked…but it’s sure easier to respond to that question here than at the grocery store). But—after seeing the backlash that the Duchess of Cambridge is facing for baby numero tres, people-pleaser me is anxious […]

The Whole Truth About My Summer Break


My teaching license *did* expire in July, so I needed to take a class at the last minute. Cee *is* doing better, so we *did* try to really enjoy the summer. But. But that’s not the whole truth behind my months-long summer break. From the day we found out we were expecting (this *is* an […]

The Crutch of Comfort


9/10 for the Write 31 Days Challenge so far.  Woot!  I’m over at Everyday Ediths today, writing about this month’s theme, comfort.  Click over there to read more.   There’s quite the learning curve in shifting to baking with no sugar or white flour.  I tried to accommodate Cee’s 7th birthday request for a “three layer […]

Hair Trouble

As someone who dabbles in direct sales with Norwex and Usborne (thanks for checking out my shopping links!), I appreciate the work that others put into their small businesses.  When Mandi from A Blog About Miscarriage offered some Lilla Rose haircessories in exchange for an honest review, I was excited to give them a try.   […]

MSB 37: Just Take Me Now

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This is a picture of happier times.  Miss Udele is almost 1 now, and has somehow managed to increase in cuteness!  Since after Mass today I was le tired and le haggard, this recycled picture of the same outfit will have to do. If I had been able to really pray from my heart today […]

Packing Struggles

This post contains affiliate links.  If you make any purchase at Amazon after clicking one of my links, I receive a small percentage at no cost to you.  Thanks for supporting our family! The first step of selling a house is to pack up and store half of what you own.  We thought we did […]

First Reconciliation Head to Head

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After taking a little break, I’m back to teaching 2nd grade family formation in our parish this year.  Elle is in the class, so I’m particularly interested in making the year meaningful and special.  I love me some sacraments, and my heart is in fostering that same love in the 2nd graders. This year I […]