A Second Chance

Back in May, I wrote about how much I love being a mom, but how hard it is.  How overwhelming it is to be in charge of everything.  How rare it is to feel competent or successful in what I consider to be my most critical role.  And I was excited at the release of The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle which contained all sorts of amazing resources to help overcome some of those obstacles.



This summer we were able to take a vacation to David’s family’s cabin.  With the kids being entertained, I had time to really delve into several of the ebooks and courses.  Although the bundle was only available for a few days in May, I was able to download everything to read at my leisure, which finally happened in July.  (Isn’t that how it works?!?! “Let me pencil in some me-time in a couple months.”)



While my kids were supervised and doing this:


I was enjoying some of this action:

(I’m pretty much allergic to the sun, so although I like the *idea* of nature, it kind of literally makes me sick.  Just ask my family how lame it is.  At any rate, it was nice to have a vacation where I could relax in a way which is actually relaxing to me!)


I didn’t get through all the materials that piqued my interest this summer, though.  It wasn’t too long after our vacation that we found out we were expecting, and my energy level plummeted.   With a capital “P.”  When I got an email that The Ultimate Homemaking Bundle was going to be offered for a 48-hour flash sale, I was eager to share it again.

The good news is that anyone who felt badly about missing out the first go round can scoop it up quick for $29.97.  The bad news is that the flash sale is already half over!  Oops.  Here’s the timer to see how long the bundle is available before it’s gone for good.





Several people used my affiliate link to get the bundle at the first go-round.  Thank you!!!  I received a small commission (at no cost to you) for any purchases made using my link.  The same is true of this flash sale.

(This button ^ magically connects to my affiliate link. Thanks!)


Although I did come across a few resources that didn’t apply to me (a couple recipe ones don’t fit our lifestyle), I’ve found far more with potential to help conquer the overwhelm.  (Maybe I can schedule some me-time in another two months?!?!)

If you already purchased the bundle back in May, what’s been your favorite so far?   I <3 hearing how other moms have benefited and grown in this mothering game.  And if you purchased the bundle but haven’t gotten to dive in yet, here’s a friendly reminder that it’s not too late to open it up and do some growing, too.


Day 1:  I’m baaaaaack!
Day 2:  The House Sitchiation
Day 3: An ER Adventure
Day 4: First Reconciliation Head to Head
Day 5: Packing Struggles
Day 6: This Is Us Bookless Club
Day 7: Just Take Me Now
Day 8:  Hair Trouble
Day 9:  The Crutch of Comfort
Day 10: The Whole Truth About My Summer Break
Day 11: Popcorn and Cardboard
Day 12: Locked Out
Day 13: Apples, a Tattoo, and Babyness
Day 14: Beat-boxing and Generosity
Day 15: A Second Chance



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    I bought the Bundle in the spring. So far, my favorite I’ve gotten to has been the schedules. I tried a bunch of different schedule printables and found a weekly one that really works for me!

    I also LOVED the freebies! We ended up subscribing to Kiwi Crate and my kids LOVE them! And I’ve kept my Mighty Nest subscription too, which is a fun $10 surprise for me each month.

    I read a few of the ebooks and hope to get to more. Enjoyed the Haley Stewart one.

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      We tried all the freebies, too! Glad the schedules have been helpful for you…I don’t think I’ve seen those yet.

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