November 2017

Sticky Sacred Spaces

We have less than a week left in our house.  Oh, Lordy.  It’s waaaaay less than a week, now that I plot it out.  We have four nights left. If I wasn’t currently out of town at my in-laws for Thanksgiving, I’d totally go stress-pack something right now.  Speaking of Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for the […]

MSB 39:  By the Laundry Couch


(This post contains affiliate links.  If you make a purchase after clicking one of the links, I receive a commission at no cost to you.  Thanks!) Last week I told David that we absolutely had to start splitting up for Mass again, because I couldn’t handle another round of watching Moe and Bea compete for […]

Moving and MRIs

Cee’s rheumatologist advised that she get an MRI every six months in order to monitor the activity in her hips. (In case you missed her last MRI results from this spring, here’s the gist.) l can’t remember if that makes Wednesday her fifth or sixth MRI.  David called from the hospital at about the time […]